Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cashing In

King size quilt
2 Little boy's Gymboree shirts

Karsyn and I hit the streets this morning to do a little cashing in of rewards bucks. We stopped in at Gymboree with a 30% off the entire order coupon along with $10.00 in rewards bucks. Tyler can always use a few new shirts for the summer. We picked up shirts that were on the sale rack, then with the 30% off and the extra $10.00 off we scored $35.94 worth of shirts for only $3.32, good deal!! Saved $32.62

On to Kohl's to spend our $30.00 in rewards bucks, they still had the quilts on sale for $39.99 so we picked up a King size quilt regular priced at $129.99 our price was $10.81. Saved $120.00

I still have reward dollars for Staples and CVS but I wasn't excited about any of the sales they had going on this week so we held off until the Sunday ads come out. The rewards will expire next Tuesday so no matter what we will be picking up some deals by then.

Did a little work on my coupon binder this afternoon, seems to me the coupons are having a shorter and shorter lifespan. Use to be coupons would be good for 6 months or longer some that I have seen lately are only good for a month, sure makes a lot more work keeping my binder updated but the money we save is still worth all the extra time it takes.

Off to bed with Dave Ramsey again tonight for some inspiration in saving. Poor Dave can't seem to keep my attention the past few nights, I fall asleep after only a page or two. It really isn't Dave's fault, between the heat, humidity and Karsyn there isn't a whole lot of energy left by bedtime!!

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  1. Wow! Those are amazing deals!! :) Great buys!!

    Poor Dave, guess he'll just have to wait like any good man would! ;) lol!!