Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Karsyn and I did a little Christmas shopping today using our Kholes bucks. I intended on getting the traditional Christmas socks for everyone but since socks were not on sale we went with towels, quilts and some games that were all on sale at a great price!! All this loot was only $36.72, can you even believe it!!!! Kholes is having a super duper sale on quilts, all sizes are only $34.99, regular price on the king size is $129.99, the towels were only $3.99 each and I had coupons for the games from the Sunday paper a while back. Total saved was $246.00, now that's what I call a real deal.

Saw some cute summer dresses that would be great for running around in that I will go back to check out when I don't have the babies, they are giving out Kholes bucks again this week so I can pick up even more gifts later on. I think I will be passing on buying any shorts this summer, gonna have to go with what I have, everything I am seeing in the stores are cut up to your you know what or are some sort of spandex thing, some cute summer dresses will be the summer look around here for the year. No tight waistband to deal with that make that new muffin top (old age deal ladies) more pronounced and maybe I can even catch a breeze up the bottom of the dress, now that will help conserve energy and save a little more on the electric bill, see I can justify anything if I want it.


  1. Great deals!! Now stop showing us up! ;) lol!!

    LOL @ your sundress comment! Your blog is one of my very favourites to read! :)