Sunday, May 15, 2011

Say yes to the nest

The work on my little nest is coming along nicely!!I transformed the die cutting/cricut area into the sewing area. As I use up the supplies in the drawers (could take a lifetime) it will free up a little more space for sewing notions, for now I could only clear out one drawer. I thought about sticking with the "Crop in Style" units I already have in the room for fabric storage but I can no longer get them locally, the shipping is outrageous and they run a pretty penny so I had to step out of the box a bit to save some cash but still keep with the white furniture theme. Seems the more space I devote to scrap booking/sewing the larger the stash seems to get. I decided to go small for fabric storage to try and hold down my over zealous spending, if I have no where to put it I am less likely to buy it. Also if it is in my face but still nice and tidy I tend to be a bit more inspired to use it up and stop hording the oh so cute stuff.

Sooooo, here's what I went with

This is a sofa table I picked up and Marshall's Home goods store to hold my fabric, regular price $265.00 their price $129.00. For some reason it doesn't look like much but each piece is 2 yards or more, I never know for sure what I might want to make, 2 yards will normally do the trick no matter what I make with plenty of leftovers. Had to move the rocking chair in front of the closet door for now, I like to rock and think in my little room. The closet didn't get any TLC this time, it's fine for now(translation, it is such a disaster I don't even want to think about it) There is NO more room for fabric so the brakes are on for now until I use up some of what I have.

How cute is this cabinet? Picked it up when I was in Marshall's in the bathroom department, marked down to $129.00.This is devoted to works in progress I guess you could say unfinished projects but that seems so negative to me. I love that I can see whats stored in there so I know what project to pick up next. It has been a VERY long weekend getting the room put together, taking an 8 hour sewing class Saturday, mowing the lawn, housework and still pulling off Sunday dinner with the family, I stayed up until 3:00AM last night to finish the room, I knew I could never get it done unless I pulled an all nighter, I am to OLD to go without sleep!!! I will give you the rundown on the price of the furniture tomorrow, only had to pull $7.oo from our weekly budget!!!!

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  1. *LOVE* your space! It's so bright & white! I'd love a craft room like that! :)