Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Christmas Goal is Meet!!!!

My favorite so far, gift #3
Love the cool decorative stitches my super duper machine will do along with the super duper stitch in a ditch presser foot.

Gift #4. To bright for my taste but the friend this is going to is a sassy southern gal that is gonna love it!

Somebody better get busy cleaning house

I did it 4 Christmas gifts in 4 days!!!

Each gift took a little more than 12 hours so I say that's a job well done. I even squeezed in some fabric store shopping Monday and watched Kara for a few hours today. Tomorrow it is back to reality, the house needs a little attention, I will have Kara for the day, and best of all Rambo man will arrive home tomorrow night for good!!!! He has been on a project for 3 years now, let me tell you I am sooooo ready for a normal life again (and a little help in the yard) Re-entry after living away from each other for long periods of time can be a challenge but we have been at this marriage thing long enough to know as long as we both agree I am always right we will do fine (just kidding sorta)

I am so excited to have these gifts marked off my to do Christmas list, if I would have tried to do this much work while watching the babies it would have taken me a month or longer. I am thinking I might declare a Christmas in June, July and August to finish up some things I didn't get to last year and a few more things I want to do this year but with canning season fast approaching (should already have made strawberry jelly) I am not sure how much time I can squeeze in.

Gotta rant a bit before I head to bed. So I am set up in my favorite chair tonight with a bottle of water, some hand sewing and a chocolate or two ready for "Extreme Coupon's" and who do they put back on but that nut case Amanda, WHAT the h...... that lady is not only crazy but she is mean!!! I thought she was gonna whip her poor husbands butt for misplacing her envelope of coupons. This is a show I am beginning to love to hate, what's up with a Mom who would buy 50 boxes I think it was of sleep aides then stores them on a self low enough that her little kids could get into them. I better not have bad dreams about mean people or of babies who OD on sleep aids or I will be sending TLC and note in the morning.

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