Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cup Cozy

Hot Carmel Apple Cider all dressed up

Our Chunky Monkey little girls

The girls had a great time playing together today, I was just around to take pictures and keep them from wrestling each other to much!! They are such a hoot together, always laughing at each other or making silly faces, even if I wanted to get something done I wouldn't, who would want to miss out on all the fun. I don't expect the big girls to pay for me setting with the babies this year but I think I will begin to hint Nanny is gonna need a little help with all the laugh lines that are taking over her face.

I was determined to finish the cup cozies today, daughter # 1 wanted to give some as gifts for the Mom's on her team at school in the morning she is going to run by Starbucks and pick up some hot cider on the way to work then use the cozy instead of the typical cardboard deal they give you. Daughter # 3 has to work on Mothers Day this year so she has requested an additional 7, no time to waste!! Thankfully they come together super fast so I was able to finish up 8 of them today during nap time the rest will have to wait until I get some free time over the weekend. I found this idea on a great blog, this lady is soooo talented, always has the cutest handmade stuff in the world posted. Check out her blog it is one of my favorites, love seeing how so many young Mom's are flexing their creative muscles while caring for the family and keeping on budget!! I checked on Etsy to see what they were charging for the things, looks like $10.00 is the going rate, I was able to make 8 out of 2 fat squares, already had plenty of buttons and elastic so the only cost was my time. This is going to be a great little project to use up a few more scraps that keep piling up!! Thanks so much for the inspiration Moralia!!!!!!!

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  1. I I'd have a hard time getting anything done with those little angels around too! ;) lol!

    I love your coffee sleeve! It turned out great! :) The button choice is awesome! Thanks SO MUCH for the kind words! Coming from such a talented sewer (?) I'm flattered! *blush*