Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orange Update

11 1/2 pounds of oranges before and after dehydrating

I think the photo of the dehydrated oranges might be deceiving, they all fit in a gallon ziplock bag, for some reason the angle of the photo makes the bag look much larger. I decided to go ahead and dehydrate the last bag of oranges left from our Florida trip since the first round did so well. I will use the oranges for orange tea and for cooking, I didn't care much for them to snack on but that might just be me, I have a thing about food texture sometimes. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our dehydrated food that I put back from whatever is in season at the time. It stores wonderfully, makes putting together a meal a snap and doesn't require I stand over a canner all day. Just slice or dice and load, easy peasy.

It is hot as Haiti here today with a humidity level of 62%, it is hard to move to fast in this heat. When the barometer is bouncing around like it has been today I am in a terrible fog with a headache that won't end. We should get rain at some point tonight, sure hope it will cool things off a bit. It is gonna be a bugger of a hot night to sleep without the air on. I broke down and took some meds, fired up all the fans in the bedroom and have my fingers crossed for some rain. I wonder if it is really worth it to save a few bucks and endure this discomfort? Maybe Dave Ramsey will have some advise on that in the book I am re-reading.

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