Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love it

Finished the purse I was making for Daughter #1 today, I really do love it, she on the other hand didn't think it would work for her, grrrrr Having girls can be a real pain in the butt.

I'm not much of a purse girl but you can bet I will be sporting this sucker Saturday at Karsyn's Baptism. I changed a few things on the pattern, some that worked some not so much. To start with the original pattern was just to big, I wanted more of a standard size purse so I changed the measurements by 4 inches all the way around. I like a bit more structure to a purse so I added batting and quilted the main body, then added batting to the top panel as well, did lots of top stitching to add even more structure, added 5 pockets inside, a magnet closure and went with a "Bag-E-Bottom" size D, ditched the bow that was called for and used just a tie instead. Liked everything except the pocket, I put it in way to low, but next round I will know to move the pocket up!! I think it turned out cute, maybe a bit hip for my age but who cares. I still haven't added the fabric flower to the purse we did in class Saturday. I bought a pattern for a flower I really liked, read it, gave it some thought then lost the durn thing, it makes me crazy when I can't find something!!!! Tomorrow maybe I will get some sorta flower done and be ready to show it off.

We have carpet/furniture cleaners coming tomorrow, should be a real pain in the you know what but it needs to be done. The gutter guys can today and cleaned the gutters in the pouring down rain, tree man was suppose to come after 6:00PM tonight, bugger hasn't shown up yet, he is like that most of the time. Eventually he will show up and do a great job at a reasonable price but it is very frustrating.

Have to run to the grocery and use my Miracle whip coupons from the Sunday paper before it goes off sale in the morning, I can't believe how high Miracle whip has gone up, we were down to the last jar so I need to stock up for the summer. So excited to show off this stinkin cute purse!!


  1. Umm... Can I be your #1 daughter then?!?! ;) lol!! This is gorgeous!! You are SOO talented! The fabric is soo beautiful! You'll look fabulous with it!!

  2. Thanks, best part is the fabric was some I picked up at 60% off sale.