Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Spending

Look who is setting up now!!

Durn if I am not way over budget this week. My trip to the fabric store, a stop at the garden center, along with a stroll through Wally world for replacement umbrella's busted the budget big time. Thankfully I rarely have weeks that turn out this bad. Getting the garden, yard and deck back in order for the summer takes money and we are not done spending yet. Our tree guy should be over this week to give me the depressing news on what it will cost to thin out tree's and cut back others, things have gotten so overgrown that we have very few sunny spots left in the yard for the garden and raised beds. We also ordered 2 pear and 2 peach trees that were planted Friday at a ridicules cost, in a few years the investment should pay off but for now it was a pretty big expense. I have ask for a screen door to the deck for Mothers day, I am thinking in the long run it will save us money on the electric bill if I can leave the back door open to get a cross breeze in the house so.... more money. The mosquito's are getting so bad already that I hate having the back door open for fear of getting ate up by the buggers. Karsyn and I worked the coupon deals today (more spending) but I am pumped at what we were able to save and stock up on, one of our local stores are doubling coupons up to $1.98, that's a deal I couldn't pass up.

I stayed up way to late last night soaking in all of the news on Bin Laden. It feels sorta yucky to celebrate the death of another human being no matter how evil he was, instead I am trying to focus on the hero's our country is so blessed to have. I am afraid what Alkaid might do to our country or it's citizens around the world in retaliation of Bin Laden's death, scary times we all live in. One thing that is P.... me off right now is the criticism over the decision to give this evil man a burial at sea. One of the many things that makes being an American so special is our country's commitment to freedom and dignity for all people not just Americans, giving this dirt bag a Muslim burial was the right thing to do as Americans, not that he deserved it but we should never begin to conduct ourselves in the barbaric way other countries do. Seems that some people will find something to criticize our military for in everything they do even when they are doing the honourable thing by such and evil man.


Gas $83.67 price for gallon up to $3.79

Groceries $3.72

Flowers for deck $63.37

Fabric store $92.12

Wally world $ 235.00

Fruit trees $363.86

Total spent $930.19, over budget by $730.19


  1. It's so hard to take my eyes off that little darling at the top of your post! She is sooo sweet!!

    I agree about Bin Laden, the burial was the right & honorable thing to do. In the end, he got what he deserved... an eye for an eye.

    Bummer about the budget, some weeks are like that. If it makes you feel better I bought some new fabric too... Joel Dewberrys Aviary 2 line! I can't wait!! :)

  2. The baby girls really are a lot of fun, tons of work but worth the trouble!! Most of the money spent at the fabric store was on classes and supplies for the classes, wish I could have loaded up on more fabric but I want to learn more what this fancy dancy new machine will do. I have seen on your blog you buy fabric on line I have never thried that do you think the prices are better than in the stores?