Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home again

Rambo man parking the bike at our room
Bug spray was USED!!!!

So Rambo man says to me "Why are you using bug spray, the room came with a fly swatter" Yep we are talking livin large folks!!

Blue Ridge Parkway

We are back from our little weekend get away on the bikes, sunburned, sore rumps and lots of beautiful views!!! The accommodations were about what I expected but I will say I didn't see any bugs, I did however give the room, beds and bathroom a good spray down just in case. The mattresses were in white zip up plastic bags so I am thinking bed bugs might not have been a problem but sleeping was a challenge. Between sleeping on the plastic, bikes pulling in for the night, the bar only footsteps away and a general feeling of what the h... am I doing in a place like this I am looking forward to hitting the sack at home tonight. The food was over the top wonderful, as good as if not better than any 5 star restaurant in the country and the prices were right (health rating was a 99%, yes I checked!!) The ride was as always breathtaking and we even saw deer in the road several times but I didn't get my camera up fast enough, durn.

Before we left for the weekend we needed to finish up our to do list, the last thing on the list was to pick up the jeep that was having new tires put on. On the way over to the shop we were rear-ended by a tattoo covered, pierced bodied doesn't know how to wear a baseball cap correctly young man hard enough to throw us into the car in front of us. Thankfully we didn't have any of the Grands with us!!! My car is in pretty bad shape needs a front bumper, grill, headlights thing, hood, back bumper, side panel, rear hatch and towing package that we know of so far, It is still drivable but not cute! After the holiday I will get it in and see what the shop thinks but we are afraid the insurance company may decide to total it, parts for a 2003 Tahoe with close to 200,000 miles may cost more than it is worth, sooooooo hope that won't happen, we are 2 years away from buying a new (used) car for me.

The guys are settled in for the night watching the race happy to be in the comfort of home and not out at the track with plenty of snacks and cool beverages, I am headed up to my little room of sin to lose myself in a little fabric fun, baby quilt here I come.

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