Monday, May 23, 2011

Short post

Little peek at completed Christmas gift number one

Karsyn hung on every word the Priest had to say at her Baptism!! So funny

Mommy and Karsyn

Stayed up until 2:00AM on my first night of the Staycation finishing up the first of the Christmas gifts. I can only show a little piece of the gift in case the recipient should read the blog this week. I am not a purple person but the buddy who will open this Christmas morning is all about purple, she will go gaga over the colors.

Karsyn loved her special day Saturday at the Baptism, as soon as the priest walked in she never took her eyes off from him, so funny!! When it came time to pour on the water she never cried a peep she just tried to turn around to play in the holy water.

Tyler sat with Papaw and I, when the priest came out he said "look Papaw it's God" loud enough for the whole church to hear. I must say the outfit he had on was over the top beautiful (don't beat me up I'm not Catholic so I don't know what the outfit is called). Rambo man explained that he was the priest who would do the ceremony for Karsyn. After the service was over Tyler said (loud enough for all to hear) "I can't believe God didn't show up for Karsyn's special day" took some explaining that God is everywhere at all times we just can't see him. Wish the old Art Linkletter show "Kids say the darnedest things" would make a comeback. Talk about a REAL reality show, little kids make the world a better place!!!!

Will post the weekly budget tonight when I have the time I'm on vacation!!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I've heard God had a full schedule lately... ;) lol! Kids are so cute!!!