Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Spending

Baby Quilt is underway

It has been a hectic weekend, and a busy morning getting things back on track. Downstairs is clean, wash is almost all on the line, one bath cleaned, have killed dozens of fly's from the doors swinging open all day yesterday, baby is down for a morning nap, Nanny is gonna have to keep it in super high gear today until everything is back in order around here.

This weeks agenda is to get the garden back in shape, finish planting, unpack Rambo man, work on baby shower and get Karsyn back on some sort of schedule, next weekend will be picking strawberries for jelly and restocking the freezer.
Our weekly spending was pretty good, I stocked up on soft drinks for the summer during the Memorial Day sales, we should have enough to last all summer. Rambo man and I don't drink a lot of soda's we prefer juice, milk, tea, water and Koolaid (yes we like Koolaid!) but we like to have drinks around for the big kids, company and boat outings. Gas has gone down to $3.68 a gallon hope it will continue that trend!!!! Since I wasn't picking up and dropping off Karsyn last week our gas spending was way down. I am looking forward to saving a little cash on gas spending once school is out this summer when daughter #1 will be home with her little ones. Took the money saved from the budget last week along with a gift card from Mothers Day and did a little fabric therapy last week while also signing up for 2 classes. Ya me!!! I hope to update the speed sheet with our quarterly spending tonight to share at some point, it is had to believe the year is 1/2 gone, where the heck did the time go? I think we did pretty good with the spending and savings but the summer and fall always seem to jump up and bite us in the buns, hopefully this year I can do a little better.


Gas - $41.32

Groceries - $34.16

CVS - $36.61

Fabric store - $40.00

Total Spent - $151.64

Saved in coupons - $91.99

Saved on fabric - $170.00 (bill was $170.00 only spent $40.00 out of pocket. Fabric was 50% - 60% off)

Total saved this week $261.00

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