Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some early morning sewing

Karsyn took an unexpected 3 hour nap this morning, rather than clean house I worked on some camera strap covers. When the whole family gets together for a special event we end up trying to figure out who's camera is who's. I made enough for everyone to have a different cover (all from leftover fabric), that is if they like any of them. Pictured above are 3 that I have finished, also sent one home with a friend who's neighbor's Daughter just graduated from USC with a photography and journalism degree. One of these little babies and a check will be a perfect gift.

Have both babies again tomorrow then I have to get the floral arrangements done for Karsyn's Baptism Saturday. After that I am on VACATION until next Thursday, I might just sleep, eat, read and sleep some more.


  1. Gorgeous!! Love the black & white one best!!

  2. Thanks, I like the black the best as well, made a few others that turned out super cute also, might just have to hook up my scrapbooking buddies, leftovers never looked so good! Ha