Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Indian River Fruit

On our way home from Key West we picked up a few bags of local fruit. Oranges run between $1.00-$1.25 each here at home. We picked up 23 pounds of oranges and 11 pounds of grapefruit for $27.00, pretty good deal! I haven't had great luck dehydrating fruit so far, they turn out to sticky to suite me. Not willing to poison the family trying to save a buck or two so I only put one load in the dehydrator for now. They have been in for 11 hours at this point and still seem sticky so I am gonna run then all night and see how it goes. I know I have passed this website on before but just in case you missed it check out "dehydrate2store" this lady is AMAZING!!!! We won't have any problem eating the fruit up before it goes bad if dehydrating doesn't work out, everyone loves oranges and Rambo man and I can polish off the grapefruit.

Stayed up to watch "Extreme Couponing" on TLC tonight, seems like they are putting a bit more normal people on these days than when it first started. I still don't understand why so many of them store their food in the garage, that would never work here in the south, everything would go bad whether in boxes or cans. One lady had a cool idea of storing her envelope mixes in a clear over the door shoe rack so she could see at a glance what she has, might have to give that idea a little more thought. I store our pakages of mixes in a plastic container that I have to thumb through to see what I am getting low on. What the heck would you do with 97 bags of croutons? Now we do love salads but there is no way we could use up that many croutons before the expiration date. Hopefully the show will inspire more folks to start clipping and save a few bucks, our family kicks butt with coupons but I can tell you I don't spend 35 hours a week playing the coupon game. I did do a little couponing this week on deals that were to good to pass up but that is for Monday's weekly spending post.

Working on a sewing project I saw on a super talented ladies blog, can't wait to hopefully finish it up in the morning while the babies nap, I am close..oh so close! Tomorrow is one of the 12-13 hour days, I pick Karsyn up at 7:15 until 5:00 or 6:00, Kara will arrive at 2:00 and stay until 8:00 or 9:00 PM, thank goodness for precooked frozen meals or I wouldn't be eatting tomorrow, gotta keep up this girlish figure you know.

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  1. Homemade dehydrated fruit would be sooo good!! you'll have to post how they turn out! I'm hooked on organic banana chips, but they're $3+ for a tiny bag, would be MUCH cheaper to make them myself I'm sure!!