Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Christmas Gift # Two Done

Gift #2 I'm liking this red more than I thought I would
Super short post tonight, watching the weather in Dallas where our Niece who just married lives in downtown, another Niece is in Oklahoma City, they made out just fine but it has been a nerve wreaking afternoon watching all the storms again. I have Christmas gift #3 almost complete but the weather channel is more important right now until I know our Niece is safe in Dallas, won't take me long to finish it off in the AM then on to gift #4. I used a new decorative stitch on this gift, pretty cool looking gonna try something different on gift #3 as well.
Prayers are with all the families who continue to get hammered by violent storms this year, when will it end.


  1. The quilt looks wonderful so far!! I love the red! I'm so glad that your family is all ok! You guys get some brutal storms in the US!

  2. For some reason I can't seem to post comments tonight, grrrr I liked the red until I finished the black today!! The projects are all mini quilts that are transformend into something else, shhh can't say until Christmas