Monday, December 19, 2011

Big old to do list

One of Kara's many faces! She is such a drama queen

My list is in much better shape after a weekend of doing along with making time for some resting, what a difference a few good nights sleep make. As crazy as it seems I will be working an afternoon nap in today, one of the keys for my health issues is enough rest and sleep, without them I can't function.
Here is the update

6 different Christmas cookies are hidden in the freezer

2 different candies are put back

3/4 of the Christmas gifts are wrapped

All of the trees are decorated

Last of the Christmas packages went in the mail this AM

Stockings are coming along at a good pace, some will be ready for Santa Christmas morning

2 trays of Christmas goodies have been delivered

Laundry is caught up

House is clean enough to suit me!

We can walk in the scrap/sewing room

Got in 1 of the 3 Dr appointments I missed from last week, looks like I will be able to catch up with Drs by the end of the week.

Off to cross a few more T's and dot more I's with Christmas music playing in the background.

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