Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the best time of the year

A bottle of wine with 4 wine glass charms should be a nice little surprise for a few folks who could use a little pick me up this year
Close up of the charms made with the embroidery machine

Looks like I am some kind of drinker with all the bottles lined up ready for new homes

Then an evening of looking at Christmas lights, LOVE it!

What a wonderful productive but restful day, there really is no place like home. I think I would be a good candidate for someplace where you are snowed in for months at a time, never able to leave the house. I finished enough wine charms today for 5 gifts and a few extras I passed on to my sister for her own gift giving, total cost $2.19 for the wire hooks (they are really hoop earring bases for jewelery making) I received the program for free at one of the classes I attended this summer but haven't had the time to work anything up until yesterday. The wine came from a case hubby brought home from his many travels, he assured me it was a great deal. I'm not sure how great a deal a case of wine is for people who NEVER drink wine but they came in handy for gift giving.

We have had way to many friends lose loved ones this past year, we wanted to do a little something to let them know we are thinking of them on this first Christmas without their family member. It just so happens they are all wine drinkers! As much as I would love to make each and every one a warm cozy quilt, the reality is I hardly had time to get our grands quilts finished for Christmas. Hubby will have to be satisfied with his quilt minus the binding for now.

We finished up the evening meeting all the family at Daughter #1 home then tailgating to the speedway for the Christmas light show. Perfect weather, cool with light rain so it felt like Christmas. You get to ride on the track (Charlotte Motor Speedway) for part of the light show, I had no idea the bank on the track was that steep. We were only 1/2 way up and it felt like the car was going to roll over, of course the guys thought it was way cool, we girls, not so much.

Tomorrow is Dr appointments where I get to hear what an incredible example I am for others with my same condition but......I'm sure my levels are all out of whack so they will want to increase my meds :(. I am debating taking in a nice plate of chocolate covered peanuts and some angel sugar cookies to make nice with them.


  1. The wine bottles look lovely! I'm sure the people on the receiving end will love them! :) I've given you an award on my blog, Debby!! :)

  2. Thanks Carla I will head over and check it out!