Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some hip stuff, I think?

NOT MY PHOTO!! Necktie necklace, this is hip right?

This skirt matches DD#3 girlie tree perfectly

Lots of applique and cool corner's for the binding

I will be the first to admit I have no idea what is hip, so this tree skirt might not make the cut but DD#3 seemed to like it. I may or may not ever get a photo of the skirt around the tree, that is unless I am willing to go over to Daughter #3 apartment and take one myself. I don't make a habit of just dropping in on any of our girls. I tend to have a different idea of cleanliness than they sometimes do, (an understatement) I find myself scrubbing the kitchen and baths when they are not looking! I decided not to quilt the skirt due to lack of enough backing fabric to match the skirt and the fact that DD#3 doesn't give a hoot, why go to the expense and time.

I found the necktie necklace while surfing the net a few days ago, here is the site I found it at, she has some really cute stuff you might like

With all the stories of neckties for Christmas that no man really wants I thought this would be a great way to help hubby do a little more cleaning out!! I'm thinking it will have to be an after Christmas project but should be easy and dirt cheap. Might be a great little gift for a girlfriend or two who is into jewelry as well.

I am off to bed with clean sheets and a blank note pad to start my to do list for the week. Hubby wants the grands stockings for our house first on the list. Daughter #1 wants stockings for Karsyn and Manson first on my list. I would like all 5 stockings off my durn list but I can't seem to make myself disciplined enough to just set and do handwork all day. I'm thinking its time to drag out the time out bear to get me on track!!


  1. The necklaces are sure cute!! :) Love the tree skirt! Very girly & funky!!

  2. Thanks, after the holidays I am gonna sneak in hubbies closet and make a few necklaces