Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HGTV is killing me!!!

It started with Daughter #1 wanting wreaths on her dinning room chairs
Then she saw on HGTV a wreath around the chandelier with ornaments hanging down, Mom could you please?

Oh, lets set the table pretty please

And so my days are now filled with Daughter #1 who is still recuperating from the C-section last week with nothing to do but watch HGTV all day. Now that the table is to her liking the buffet is not right....tomorrow will be coming up with idea's to fancy that up a bit, move her Christmas village to the family room, hang greenery from the upstairs banister and, rig up super big Christmas ornaments on her front porch. Now you must understand that all of our homes were decorated before Mr. Mason made his appearance last week, what she is coming up with now are new idea's she is picking up from that evil HGTV channel!!!! Maybe someday I will find the time to set down and enjoy some of the festive idea's they have going on, for now I am just her Mommy gopher.

I will not break the bank with her wants, needs and gotta haves. We pulled the dinning room off for just over $20.00, not to bad in my book The wreaths were $.59@ at Michales craft store, the greenery for the chandelier I cut from some we already had that was just hanging over the mantel anyway. The ornaments hanging from the chandelier were on sale at AC Moore for $.99@. The napkins were on sale for $1.99@ the ribbon I had in my room of sin, the plates are some of the filler Christmas dishes I have, the napkin rings are just more ribbon tied around. It turned out cute simple and just what she wanted. I however spent another day fighting traffic to make her HGTV dreams come true :( However it is worth it to have even more time helping out with Mason man!!

I treated myself to the breakfast special this AM before heading to new mommies home to help out. I decided to get my RAK knocked out first thing. There was an older gentleman having breakfast by himself wearing a WWII veteran hat, HA he was my target!! For only $5.45 I put a smile on a strangers face, so fun and he has no idea who gave him a little treat. This afternoon while I was home for a short bit, I signed up to be a Senior Angel here http://chemoangels.net/, I got the idea from http://www.thehappyhomeowner.net/ her blog is on my sidebar on the right, check it out and join in for a month of RAK!! I am super excited to be a Senior Angel, can't wait to find out who they hook me up with. This will be a weekly commitment once I get accepted (I hope they will take me) need to start stockpiling some handmade cards and a few store bought as well. Off to bed to read up on suggestions and idea's to treat my senior with!!

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