Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Planning ahead

As luck would go I am on the jury...... needless to say this was not in my holiday plans :( By the time I arrived home the past two nights my tail has been dragging, it's eat, hit the couch then on to bed, why does just setting all day make me so tired? I hope that today will be a little better but I don't expect much. Hubby was taking off next week for the holiday, he will now be the lead Merry Maker around the place. All last minute shopping, grocery store, gift wrapping and such will be in his rookie hands. If I can find the energy I will finish up Christmas cards and package the gifts to mail tonight, hubby will have the pleasure of standing in line at the post office. Our Daughters are taking the Grands for their group and individual photo's today so I can include them in our cards, photo's with Santa will be when the Mom's get the nerve up to give it a go. I am thankful that we all planned ahead so much due to Mr Masons arrival otherwise we would be in a real mess.

If you are looking to start the New Year off right and like to plan ahead check out Carla's blog 1/2 dozen daily I did a no spend month last January with pretty good results, I am in for this year as well just don't have the time right now to figure our spending plan, all in good time. Now that the Federal government is paying me $20.00 @ day to set on my rump it could change the whole financial outlook of our life NOTTTTTT!!

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  1. $20.00/day?!? Geez Debby... Whatever will you do with that huge windfall?! Rotfl!! Does that even cover your gas & mileage?! Ugh!