Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy sad day

The Harley quilt under construction
And it's done, this quilt is huge!!

Close up of the quilting

After some baby time at the hospital this morning I ran over to Deborah's studio to pick up the Harley quilt!! Hubby left this morning for a few days, I can now add the binding while he is away and hopefully have it wrapped an tucked away before he arrives back home. Little Mason continues to be a sweet cuddly little guy, he loves to be held and lifts his head looking for mommy when she talks, he is some kind of special!!

I took the evening off from the hospital tonight...we got word late this afternoon that a dear lady lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Kathy was an amazing woman who's love of life, her family and her grands is a legacy of what I pray I will be able to achieve in my own life. Some of you may remember her from the beach posts I left back in the summer. Our family has rented Kathy's family beach home for many years, our husbands have worked together for longer than I can remember, they are such a wonderful family to know. This past year Kathy gave our family an autographed copy of 2 books she had written, one of which she had just had published, she was so excited to share with our family what she had worked so hard to accomplish over the years of research for her latest book. Kathy passed away at home as she had requested surrounded by her family, tonight I am so sad that our special day yesterday was such a sad day for our friends.


  1. Debby,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. That must be so hard. Ovarian cancer is the silent killer. It only rears it's ugly head when it's too late. I wish they would find a way to screen for that. Sending {{hugs}} your way!!