Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twelve in 2012

I am piggy backing on a post of Sharon's over at http://midlifemommusings.blogspot.com/ Check it out she is sure to become one of your favorite blogs!

1.) Have pop corn ceiling removed from Kitchen and entrance hall.

2.) Donate 12 "Quilts of Valor"

3.) Enlarge our garden with an additional traditional bed

4.) Donate goodie box each month to the local soup kitchen

5.) Paint walls inside of house

6.) Donate 12 quilts to the "Linus Project"

7.) Sell money pit setting in the water (Boat)

8.) Get busy on scrapbooks for the grands

9.) Learn computer program for the embroidery machine

10.) Organize photo's on PC

11.) Clean out shed

12.) Save $15,000.00 in emergency fund. GULP!!

Now it's time to print this list and hang it on the refrigerator so I can keep it close at hand for motivation!!! Can you come up with 12 goals for 2012? Give it a try, I find I do much better in everything I want to accomplish if I have a clear road map in place. Thanks Sharon for getting me off the couch with a plate full of cookies and motivated to get my rump in gear!!


  1. Why Debby you are so sweet!

    Great goals..I look forward to seeing all those quilts! I need to organize my photos too!

  2. Love your blog, always new idea's to get me going!!

  3. Your goals are very admirable, Debby! :) Good luck!

  4. Wow, those are some serious goals. I say you get a gold medal if you do half! The quilts are the best place to start, right?

  5. All the quilting makes me a bit nervous, thats a WHOLE bunch of work!!!Selling the boat is a biggy!!!