Monday, December 5, 2011

Traffic, GRRRR

The day started with a quick trip to the fabric store to pick up a small bit of fabric for the border on 2 children's quilt tops.
I am ending the day with a cinnamon bun and cup of tea to calm my frazzled nerves

The good thing about living close to a big city is anything you could want is within driving distance, the bad thing is you do have to drive to get there!!!! It took an hour and a half to get to the fabric store. I hate getting on the interstate at 70 miles an hour and still feel like I am gonna get my rump run over for going to slow. Heading back home was no different except add a nice steady rain, grrr. To add insult to injury I realized when I got home I had lost my purse, Holy Hannah did I leave it on top of the car while putting the packages in?? Please let it be at the store!!! Sure enough I had left it on one of the chairs in the back when we were looking at one of my quilt tops, back in the car in the rain in even worse traffic, by now there were lots of fender benders due to the rain. I left the house this morning at 11:00 AM, returned home at 5:30PM for one lousy errand, to whipped to do anything but jump in some warm jammies, grab a cup of tea and relax with a cinnamon bun for supper.

However a few good things did happen so I am gonna focus my nighttime dreams on them!! Mason had a Dr appointment today and all is still well with him, THANK YOU GOD!

I got a call from an old friend I haven't heard from in almost 3 years, so sweet!!

And I finally had the time to focus on doing a random act of kindness (things have been a bit crazy with Masons arrival) I stopped in for a quick lunch at a local restaurant before going on my looooong journey, I noticed 2 police cars in the parking lot, humm wonder if I could somehow pick up their bill without them knowing it?? Nope, after 10:30 AM you order food at the counter, pay then they deliver the food to your table, durn. So I ask the waitress if they could take over a gift card to the officers without them knowing who it was from, yep, no problem. Yepee, I sent over a $10.00 gift card for each of them, it might not seem like a lot but you can get the breakfast special for $5.45 or lunch special for $5.99 so they will each get close to 2 free meals from a total stranger for no reason other than to make them feel good for the day.

Hoping tomorrow will be a day without traffic and the opportunity to do something nice for someone unexpected will jump in my lap!

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