Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late nights

Card for my Bloggy Secret Santa
Cute tape dispenser for her desk

Sassy apron to inspire her to eat at home

I received the sweetest thank you note from my Bloggy Secret Santa today that she had received my gift. Now I can share with all of you what I sent, this might be the only Christmas gift to be delivered on time this year due to this crazy Jury duty. Hubby will be hitting the post office tomorrow to mail the rest of the packages but they may not make it in time :(

I have resolved myself to the fact that things will be very different this Christmas. I have done all I can to pull it off and have the last 2 weeks to truly enjoy this special time of the year, looks like that ain't gonna happen now. I take whatever little project I can with me each day but its hard to do many things when all you have to work with is a needle and finger nail clippers!! Tomorrow I have my zip lock baggie of the last Christmas cards to finish up, Hubby will be getting the Christmas photo of our grands printed out then they are off to the post office. I have another zip lock baggie with Karsyns stocking for our house to work on, last but not least still an additional baggie with Masons stocking for his home. I think I have come up with a game plan to at least have some semblance of order in this crazy situation but I can tell you right now patience is NOT a virtue of mine!!!!! looks like lots of late nights for me until I finish up with my civic duty.

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