Friday, December 2, 2011

Freebe for me!!

I decided maybe working on a new quilt might lift my sad mood today, so I started making quilt blocks.
Then thought why not figure out how I wanted the quilt layed out, while Karsyn was napping.

The colors are off in this photo (it's after dark once again) the peachy looking color is really pink. How cute is this fabric, perfect for a toddler little girl.
(Cape Ann by Liesl Gibson for Oliver + S) Moda of course!!

I am using a pattern from this book, really cute stuff in here but I ran into a problem....

I got up in a bit of a funk this morning, so sad for our friends who lost the rock of their family :( I would like to make a few things that are not needed for Christmas gifts but would be nice to have finished before the holiday so I cut out a quilt for a toddler I have on my gift list, (I had a jelly roll that made the cutting out simple and quick). What the heck might as well work on some quilt blocks until Karsyn arrived, again simple and soothing. After some play time with our chunky monkey it was time for a nap and back at the quilt for me. When I got to the piecing part of the quilt top the pattern just would not come together, I re-read the instructions a million times, nope wouldn't work. Did I cut out the triangles wrong, nope just like the pattern said......

After moving and rearranging pieces over and over again I realized the pattern had a mistake in the cutting directions, CRUD!! I figured out how the triangles should have been cut, made the changes, cut more fabric, then began piecing (thank goodness for extra fabric) I decided to call the company to let them know that the pattern I was working with had a pretty big mistake. The lady in customer service thanked me and let me know they would look into the problem and call me back to help me get the piece work done. They did call back a few hours later and agreed the pattern had a super big mistake, they would put a revision on their website and alert the retail stores, the mistake would be corrected before the next round of printing. Here's the cool part. As a thank you for bringing the problem to their attention they offered me 2 free books of my choice from their website and will be sending me 2 free yards of fabric in whatever line I pick out!! YAAAAAWHOO! Now that is over the top customer service.

I have printed out the list of books I can pick from to study over tonight, the fabric is a no brainer, I already had my eye on a new line to purchase maybe in a month or two (I need to cut back on spending) I had Karsyn all day then took dinner over to DD #1 and her family (she came home from the hospital today), after dinner I helped get the kiddo's ready for bed and a little organizing to make the every 2 hour feedings go a bit smoother. My rump is dragging!!!

Here's my funny Tyler story for the day... he was bouncing off the walls from all the schedule changes, visitors and such over the last few days, I finally had to call him down (hate doing that) He headed into Mom and Dads room where he became very quite, we are all thinking the kid is fast asleep... nope he had Mom's breast pump on his belly button trying to make extra milk for the baby so Mommy wouldn't have to work so hard. It was hard not to laugh out loud, the sweet (making us all crazy) little boy was trying to do his part!!!!


  1. Hahaha...that story is great (and so cute!). He's certainly an excellent little Momma's Helper.

    Congratulations on the new addition!

  2. I'm totally impressed that you found an error, I'd have just thought, "I'm such an idiot!" and put my fabric!! That's awesome that they're sending you new books & fabric!! That's quite the error though, not it a little typo!

    Tyler is so cute!! lol! If only it were that easy!! Haha!!

  3. Little kids are so darn funny, they just do and think what's on thier minds. I am super excited to get a few freebee's I am gonna give them to hubby to wrap up for Christmas, that way I will have something new to play with in Jan when I am gonna try to jump in on your 0 spend month Carla!!