Thursday, December 22, 2011

Card shop is closed

It's hard to see the stamping and glitter each card had from the photo, you will just have to trust me
Lots, and lots of cards

Each one with an Angel ornament for their tree

The last of the Christmas cards were sent out yesterday, if I need to send more they will be store bought! Making our own cards sounds like such a great idea around July, a few days before Christmas I begin questioning my sanity, why do I do some of what I do?

Hubby and I took a break yesterday at 4:00, we decided to sit for the rest of the day an evening and watch Christmas movies, it was the perfect way to spend the rest of a rainy day and night. We had a dinner of nothing but snacks; beef stick, cheese, dips, sauces and of course Christmas baked goodies set on a tray between our chairs so we didn't have to move for hours on end. I finished the handwork on Karsyns stocking for home and made a pretty good dent on Mason's while enjoying some old family favorite movies. Tyler is worried Santa won't bring his little sister and brother anything for Christmas unless Nanny finished the stockings, the heat is on to finish today. I think I can, I think I can....

Our wrapping is so close to being done, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, a very short grocery list is prepared for a quick stop later today and our Christmas Jars are ready to deliver to the soup kitchen today or tomorrow. It's time to set back and truly enjoy Christmas, later than I planned but considering the interruptions I am happy with the results.

As I figured the Drs have increased my meds this time around. I knew my seizure threshold had become very low, I refrained from having a hissy fit. It takes a few weeks to get up to the dose that will be required so that I am firing on all cylinders, until that time I will slow down a bit enjoy the season and be ready to rock and roll by the new year. I HATE taking meds, but am thankful that they are available and BLESSED that we have insurance so I can afford to take them!

Off to the shower to prepare for a day of fun with Hubby. We have some RAK planned along with a few visits to friends then time with Tyler to work on a gift for Mommy. Kara will arrive in the afternoon while her Mommy works. Hope every ones holiday plans are almost done so you too can sit back and enjoy this special time with family and friends


  1. The cards are lovely! :) Sounds like a great night watching movies with hubby! :) Good luck getting the stocking done!! I'm sure you'll pull it off!! Post a pic if you can! :)

  2. So pretty!!! Very nice work; these will surely be very appreciated

  3. Thanks ladies, I was so excited to have the angels I made in the cards so they can use them for years to come

  4. Thanks ladies, I was so excited to have the angels I made in the cards so they can use them for years to come