Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Day

Karsyn and I finished up her Christmas gift for Mommy this morning!! Shhh don't tell
Then we headed home for a little Christmas cheer and lunch

I finished up the night with adding a friends Mothers name to the back of this chair cover, realized my crappy iron left water spots, no big deal it will be dry by the AM

It has been a steady busy day with Karsyn today, that girl has some moves let me tell you!! We hit the pottery shop first thing after her AM nap to finish up her Birthday pasta dish for Mommy and Daddy, they are going to love it! Of course I had to have something as well to add to my set of grand serving pieces. During her afternoon nap I was able to finish piecing the 2 little girl quilts I have going, now on to the quilting (may have to wait until after Christmas), also set up a table in the family room to work on Christmas cards when I can find the time to set down for a few minutes, I have never been this late in getting my cards made :(

After dropping Karsyn off I got started on a little kindness for a buddy by embroidering the chair cover Santa hat for a friends Mom who is in a nursing home. The chair cover fits perfectly on her wheelchair. My buddy picked the cover up at a dollar store some time back, she was going to take it to the shop to have her Mom's name put on it, NO WAY, I would love to do it. After I finished up I made a pattern to make a few chair covers for Daughter #1 neighbors who helped us all out so much with Tyler while we were focusing on Mommy and new baby. I have lots of red upholstery fabric leftover from recovering a chair I can use, also a bit of white fluffy fleece I can use, just need a pompom and we are set. I am counting the chair covers as my RAK for today, it's all I have the time and energy for!!

Tomorrow is a full day with both girls, Tyler's Christmas program at Pre-school then back home to decorate hubby's lawn mower for the Christmas parade on Saturday morning. Hubby is on his way home but may not get in until late tomorrow night. The man makes me CRAZY, he refuses to fly when going to projects or anywhere else so spends 2 days to get home by driving. We hope he will be able to hang around until the first of the year this time but you never know with his work.


  1. She is much too sweet!! :) The chair cover is super cute!! Love it! I haven't even started my Christmas cards, so don't feel bad! You do SO MUCH!

    I received the apron, card, & fabric scraps! Thank-you Sooo much! :) I love it all! I posted the other day but wasn't sure if you saw that post... So wanted to be sure I thanked you for your generosity! Hugs!!

  2. glad you liked your goodies! I did see your post, I follow them all, Ha I think I have the cards under control now, just a few more hours and I will have it licked!