Wednesday, December 7, 2011


How sweet is this little guy
We finished the upstairs railing
Added Christmas ornaments in 40 MPH winds an heavy rain
Here is what we have to look forward to in the morning, YUK

I think DD#1 is finally satisfied with with her Christmas decorations, we moved her Christmas village to a better spot, got the sideboard in the dinning room dressed up a bit, put up garland and a wreath on the upstairs banister and last but not least, hung Christmas balls on the front porch. When I picked Tyler up from pre school we grounded Mommy and Mason upstairs so we could surprise her with a little kitchen tree, Ty made a paper chain out of scrapbook paper to decorate the tree with and gave it the Angel from his little tree in his room. Mom was excited to have a tree they could look at!!

Not sure if I shared the story of their family tree this year, here goes. They had a grand time moving furniture around in the family room to put the tree up, when Karsyn went down for her nap Tyler, Mom and Dad decorated the family tree to perfection, it lasted less than a minute when Karsyn saw it. She was so excited she ran over and pulled the entire thing down on herself...Karsyn can take a linkin and keep on tickin. Dad got the tree back up only to have Karsyn tackle it again, down it can on top of her for the second time. Third time was a charm, they moved the tree to the living room that has no furniture in it as of now but it does have doors so Karsyn can't play lumberjack.They had no tree to sit and enjoy in the evening, I know Tyler and Mom really missed watching the tree, thus the little tree for the kitchen. I put it in a large rod iron planter that Karsyn can't pull over (we think) then wired the sucker in nice and tight. We stuck to only the paper chains as decorations so if the wild girl does pull it over there will be no glass flying everywhere. Karsyn is a mess!!!

For today's RAK (random act of kindness) we donated $$ to our local soup kitchen for holiday meals. Many of the chain restaurants in the area are giving the soup kitchen a break on the price of a full holiday pre-cooked meal so folks can enjoy Christmas dinner in their own homes and of course leftovers (the best part in my book) The soup kitchen needs $$ to purchase the Christmas dinner boxes, if I understand the pricing correctly we hooked up 2 families for all the fixins!! The second sorta RAK was to get my secret blogging Santa a gift in the mail, will post pics of her gift after I am sure she received it, our limit was $15.00 I think I can close to that price if you don't count my time in the price!! Ha Have you thought of a way to do a little something for somebody to put a smile on their face? Let me know!!!!! Please share with the rest of the readers. I have on average 90 hits a day on this blog so I know many of you are doing something special.

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