Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jury Pool

Chocolate covered peanuts, yum
Made a set of Santa hat chair covers for one of DD#1 friends with leftover fabric

And a set of pillows for DD#1 front porch

Thankfully Saturday and Sunday I worked on Christmas the entire day, just when I think I might get back on top of things something always happens, grrrr I am one of the lucky 30 who are now in a jury pool for a federal case :( if picked it will run until Christmas DOUBLE :((((( both sides are throwing off jurors left and right, PLEASE don't call my name!!!!!

My sweet hubby was kind enough to take me to jury duty yesterday and is willing to drop me off again today, he may be worried about the car more than my sanity driving downtown, who cares it works for me. I was able to almost complete the needle work on one of DD#1 Christmas stockings while waiting around yesterday but now that I am in the pool we are not able to do anything but sit and wait. By the time we got home yesterday it was 7:00PM to tired to do anything other than hit the couch for a nap with the poor little beagle that had been left all day then off to bed. I would think they will be finished with the selection by today but in the meantime I will miss my appointment for blood work this AM and a ton of little to do's that were on yesterday and today's list. If picked for the jury I will be in a heck of a mess, who is gonna do all the baking and merry making around this place? Off to the shower and wiggle into uncomfortable dress clothes then off to sit on a wooden bench for the day, but since it's the second day we get a pay increase from $12.00 @ to $20.00 @, that will almost cover the price of gas and lunch :(

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  1. Eek! I hope you get out of Jury duty! I'm with you, I can't think of a worse time to serve! Especially since you're the "rock" of your family! Good luck! Let us know how it goes!!