Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Holy Night

It's hard to see from this photo, our Nativity has 20 individual hand made pieces, and sits on hubby's Mothers dinning room tablecloth.
Each one hand painted with beautiful details

I'm of bloggy land for a few days to relax and enjoy this Holy season with our family. We are no different than most typical American families with the ripping, running, shopping, over eating, plates full of sweet treats passed down from generations past, Santa's, and a jolly Ho Ho Ho. But along the way we try very hard to remember the real reason for this season.

Jesus Christ our savior was born.

Our family has been blessed beyond anything we ever imagined it would be, happy healthy children who have gone on to build families of their own that they share nicely with Nanny and Papaw. A home to live in, food to eat, and a little money put back for the rainy days that always come. We have lost many precious family members along the way at such young an age, we have been dirt A.. poor, and at wits end not knowing if we had this parenting thing going right. One thing that has never been in question and has help us through many a hard times is the knowledge that God gave us all his son, Jesus Christ.

The photo's above are of a gift hubby's Mom gave to us in 1979. Ma had terminal cancer and knew she wouldn't be around to much longer, she wanted us to have her Nativity so we could share it with generations to come while she was still with us. She passed away in March of 1982.

She received the Nativity from a neighbor who made one piece each year for each neighbor at Christmas. Christmas 1970 hubby's father was at the end of his fight with terminal cancer. Mrs Denmark wanted to make sure he had the entire set of the Nativity before he passed so she spent endless hours finishing this set. Hubby will never forget her act of kindness to his family at such a hard time, his Father was over the moon to have the whole shebang that Christmas. He passed in March 1971.

I am not sharing this story to make anyone sad on this very special weekend, only to share with all of you small acts of kindness to others can impact future generations none of us will have the pleasure of knowing. Our children, grands, and all that come after we are long gone will know the story of our Nativity. We pray that God will continue to help us be better parents and grandparents so we can share his love and kindness for all eternity.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!!!


  1. this is the first time I have ever seen anyone with the same exact nativity set that I have. I made it in 1989 when I was going through a rough time after having my first baby. My aunt forced me to ceramics class once a week for a year and this is what I made. I think maybe it is a miracle set for whoever has one

  2. Holy Hannah, what are the chances of that!! I'm sure you love your set as much as we do, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!