Monday, December 19, 2011

A little something extra

Here is a sneak peek and one of the extras I didn't think I would have time to get to this year!!

Bath towel and hand towels for Daughter #3 powder room

Remember this window treatment for Daughter #1 way back when?

She will now have towels to match come Christmas morning. The colors look way off in the photo's but it really is the same fabric, just different colored walls and lighting.

I am sooo excited I will be able to pull off a few extra goodies I had wanted to make but didn't think I would ever find the time. Before putting the embroidery machine away for the holiday I thought why not try the design I had in mind before I hauled everything to the sewing room. Wallah, super easy and pretty fast with no cost involved, just as I had envisioned!! I should finish up tomorrow then share with all of you.

I added name tags to both of the Grand boy's quilts today along with a few additional cards (will it never end?) Wrapped a few gifts before I realized my sweet hubby can take over the gift wrapping so I walked away leaving detailed instructions (please get the correct name on the gift) Returned 12 messages that have been on the answering machine for a week, grrr. Cleaned up a ton of e-mails and printed DD#3 Christmas cards for her. I know I got more accomplished than just this but for the life of me I can't remember what. That seems to be the pace around here for the past few days, run from one thing to another, then force myself to set after dinner and relax (work on stockings) The required nap only lasted 20 minutes this afternoon but something is better than nothing I am thinking. Are all of you scrambling around with last minute errands, shopping and finishing touches? I had thought I would be setting sipping tea this year but life seems to have a mind of it's own!


  1. I love the towels!! Beautiful! I got a few last minute items done tonight too... we'll see how productive I am over the next few days... lol! ;)

  2. Lady you always kick butt and take names!! For some reason I can't leave comments on your blog, (bad gateway) also it comes up as just a white sheet, can't see the cute banner and such