Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 Steaming tomato's for juice
 Hardly any waste after the juice was worked up, just peels and seeds
 Tomato juice and sweet cherries cooling. The tomato juice is still sick looking but tastes great.
Canning supplies washed and left to air dry, this is messy business. Notice the pile of yet more tomato's in the window. The afternoon stroll in the garden while looking like crap is at least putting out tomato's. A few more days of garden duty and I will be back at the canner.

It took until close to midnight yesterday to get the tomato juice and cherries worked up but the task is done!! The dishes are all put back in there place awaiting another round of canning in a few days. I will try and remember to take a photo of my summer storage solution for canning supplies during the season. Once canning season is over everything is moved back to seasonal storage. While we have a nice big kitchen I don't have the room for things we don't use that often.

Today's task is working up 3 roasted chickens I picked up at the grocery store Sunday. One of our stores runs a special each Sunday of roasted chicken for $4.99 @. We were running really low on precooked chicken for quick meals as well as chicken stock/broth.

The other to do for today is shredding zucchini for bread over the winter and making a few loves to put back in the freezer, almost done with that. I want the oven turned off by 2:00 before it heats the house up to much. I also need to restock our granola, after supper tonight when the sun goes down I will make up a double batch

 Both refrigerators need some TLC. I need to organize some leftovers, decide what to do with the garden veggies that are once again piling up and cut up some melons to free up space. We tend to eat more fruit if it is already worked up in containers. DD#2 unlike her parents likes to have health snacks on hand. Hubby and I are happy as two pigs in mud to grab a piece of cake or sweet bread to snack on.

I had a good visit with our Dr yesterday. Love that the practice we have been with for 20 years takes time to really talk about things. My blood work for seizure thresh hold  is low again, the generic drug is not having the same results as the good stuff so an increase is in order. I am cool with that, I know that I am doing my part as far as natural ways to keep myself in check and my liver studies are OK so increasing the dosage is not a big deal. It takes a few weeks for my body to adjust but a little extra sleep is not such a bad deal!! HA

I have been hobbling around since January with a left foot injury. The physical therapy I have been doing at home is not making much of a difference. Off to a specialist on Thursday to see what magic they can do. Once again having a good working relationship with our family Dr. will make this visit go a little better. She has already forward the specialist that throwing me a prescription for pills isn't my cup of tea. A pedi is a must have tomorrow!!! No way am I going to meet a new Dr. with yucky feet!! Ha

Kathy ask for the recipe for chocolate sheet cake we had at Sunday dinner, hope this link works. I am too lazy to type it out. The cake is a bit of a pain to make but worth the trouble. My recipe calls for adding a TBLS of cinnamon to the cake batter


  1. You know Debby, I am finding that good old sleep and rest, as I get older is really important. As I look at my parents friends who are 80-89 now (daddy is 85 and walks every day) they have taken good care of their bodies and the women have napped regularly. And a good daily dose of "thank you Lord that You are in me healing me" is up there too!!!

  2. Oh man all that canning & mess is coming my way in another month with tomatoes, however well worth the canned stewed tomatoes all Winter. My MIL used to make tomato juice, I will try to look up her recipe. Get the rest til the new dosage takes it hold, then hopefully you will be back on track as the "Energizer Bunny" Nanny soon. Hope the foot guy has some magic for you!

  3. I learn soo much from you! I really wish we were closer so you coud be my "real life" mentor!! I know I'd learn soo much from you! Now go get some rest! ;)

  4. Canning is a big, big job. I haven't canned in years...well, except for a bit of jam here and there. Good for you!

    I worked at a hospital for seeral years and it is hard for people to understand that all generic drugs are NOT the same as the prescribed drug...mostly the base is different and it DOES make a difference sometimes.

    Hope things go well with your new doctor and the foot problem- xo Diana

  5. You are such a busy bee! I think you need some rest and to stretch these tired feet of yours...But all these cans look really yummy. I canned some more dill pickles today, beets are on the way tomorrow and , probably, Thursday...Sigh...