Monday, July 2, 2012

Little House On The Prairie Marathon

 Want to know what we do when the temperature is over 100 degrees for days on end. Yesterday cooled down a bit only got to 104 degrees, yep it was a cooler day!!
 We had a "Little House On The Prairie" Marathon. I bought this gift set back in the winter as I was cleaning out old VHS tapes replacing them with DVD's. This gift set is from, the cost is $174.99 with free shipping. It is pricey but I think worth the $$, all 9 seasons plus all of the movies ever put out
 While enjoying the peaceful episode's I began working on my 1 inch hexie quilt.
 It takes 3 hours just to piece the hexies flowers together! Holy cow this could take forever. That's not counting the hours I have spent just making the individual hexies. With the weather as hot as it is this is about all I feel like doing, too stinkin hot to play around with yardage.
I ran into a problem on this flower, not enough fabric :( I think I used a leftover piece from a layer cake to make it, hope to find a fat quarter or something smaller so I can finish it off.

Hubby and I enjoyed watching most of season one of the Little House series over the weekend. Not much cooking going on, warmed up leftovers with a few things fresh from the garden thrown in. It's just to hot to cook or eat on this weather.

With some free time on my hands I started working up the Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt. Man what a job. I should be able to use scraps for all the flowers, some yardage for the white borders I have on hand from a going out of business sale last year and, batting from the 1/2 price sale this past winter. I think this might turn out to be a year long labor of love!!! If anyone wants to join in for a sew along PLEASE DO!!! I will post a weekly update on Monday's. PLEASE link up on the comment section so others can see how you are also progressing.

We had a cold front move in last night with lots of storms, temps will dip down to 100 degrees today, not thinking we will need to pull out the winter coats just yet. I picked up two roasted chickens yesterday for $4.99 @ that I worked up into chicken salad for supper tonight along with lunches for a few days. In the morning I will make up some chicken stock before the heat gets cranked up then try to come up with something light and easy for the rest of the week. 

As much as we have complained about this heat wave we are SO thankful that unlike so many neighboring states our power is on!!! Thoughts and prayers to the over 3 million families who are suffering with no power and little water from over the weekend storms.


  1. Oh I used to adore Little House on the Prairie Debby - just loved it. The hexies are sweet but I wouldn't have the patience - think I'll just stick to squares for the time being. How would I join a sew-along? I want to do a quilt for our bed and have been putting it off because it feels like such a huge task but if you have a big project too that could be encouraging. Our weather is very tame by comparison - bit of sun, bit of drizzle xxx

  2. I so love Little House on the Prarie as well! Back when you didn't have to shoo your kids out of then room when tv was on. :/ The hexies are definitely a labour of love! They take me forever as well...

  3. Cold front, huh? :) And I thought it was hot 95F. I love Little House on the Prairie. I usually watch on PBS but they don't always show episodes in order. Please, tell me how the older daughter lost her eyesight!! I'm yet to see that episode...

  4. Oh yes, who didn't love Little House on the Prairie. Suppose to be 104*F here with the humidity today. Glad I don't life in a really stinkin hot City. Yes thankful indeed to have power, how *sad*. I love the hexies, Debby, can't wait to see this finished product with all the time you are putting into it.

  5. really like the hexies too...still hot down east too!! happy fourth!!