Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Late 4th of July

 Kara at her new table from Papaw and Nanny for her 2nd Birthday.
 The grands at DD's neighborhood fireworks display
Karsyn taking in the sights

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th this year. We were LOW key all day due to the heat then cooked out with DD #3 and her family before heading over to DD#1 home to watch fireworks. Papaw and I manly hung out with Mason man in the nice cool house to keep him out of the sweltering heat. I handed my camera over to DD#1 to get pictures of the grands enjoying their fun. DD#1 is a bright, intelligent, beautiful young woman but she stinks at taking pictures! I may have to stage a few shoots to use in their scrapbooks that I never take the time to work on these days.

Super short post as I am using the crappy laptop for now, hope to get back later today, off to get some gardening in before it gets too hot to go outside.


  1. Hot hot hot ... I should maybe get some weeding done in the veggie garden as well, however to damp with dew at the moment. No Air Conditioning here, but might get hubby to install the window one today.

  2. Where did you find that table, I really like it. And it has four chairs, most of the ones I find only have two.

  3. We finally got some rain here. First time in 5 weeks! I'm so tired of the 90 degrees weather! Glad you had fun yesterday. Happy late 4th to you too :)

  4. HOT is right- It is hot here again today..and it was horrible here yesterday for the 4th. You little ones are just darling. So special, aren't they? Hope you had a good day- xo Diana