Friday, July 13, 2012

Girl Time

 Carla over at   http://halfdozendaily.typepad is putting back a little money each week to stock up on things to fill with pantry and toiletries supplies when they are on sale. I too love doing this with sales and with coupons but finding places to store all my super sales can sometimes be a challenge. Here is an example of one of my storage solutions. Pasta under my side of the bed, odd I know but it works for me.

Yesterday morning my buddy was sitting in the rocker in my room having a little visit before we headed to the promised land (fabric stores) The pasta supply caught her eye.

Friend - Debby, is Bob storing his ammo under your bed?
Me - No why do you ask?
Friend - Well what in the world is sticking out from under there?
Me - Pasta
Friend - WHAT!!! as she is getting down on her knees to take a peak.
Me - Yep, picked it up on sale 5 for $4.00 but I had coupons for $.50 @ on 2 (double coupon day as well) so I got them for 5 at $ 2.00, great deal!!
Friend - Lord have mercy I have heard it all now. Have you lost your mind?
Me - Nope, just trying to hanging on to a little more cash.
Friend - Laying on my floor laughing. You are crazy as a bed bug.
Me - Hush up, it takes 3 pounds of pasta to feed my crew dinner. Go find your purse, we have shopping to do
Friend - Are we buying pasta?
Me - Shut up!!!!
 This is one of my prizes from the yesterday. Its a cheater quilt sorta thing. So darn cute. I ran into a lady at the store that had made one for her grands. She uses it for a seek and say game with them. How could I pass it up?
 Yet another cheater sorta quilt to use with the grands. This should make a fun way at Christmas to begin learning their letters.
This fabric is WAY CUTE. My niece recently moved to a suburb of Charleston, SC I have had her welcome to your new home card and GC sitting on my desk for close to a month waiting to put in the mail. Now I realize I wasn't being a slacker. I was waiting on finding fabric that I didn't know existed in the world that is going to be a super cute gift to go along with the GC.

It has been a LONG FULL 2 days of sew much fun with my buddy. We were able to knock out a quilt top for her along with a table runner from her leftovers the first afternoon/night. It took some peach cobbler and home made ice cream at midnight to see us through, can't think of a sweeter way to end the night.

Yesterday we hit the floor in full gear for the breakfast special then on to fabric stores. Oh my. Two quilt shops where we both spent like we were the Vanderbilt's, the fabric warehouse where we both became overwhelmed and had to leave with not too much, and last but not least the yarn/thread mill that is still around. I heard about the thread mill from from some ladies in one of the quilt stores awhile back. No more waiting for sales and coupons to replenish my supply I hit the mother lobe at this place.

I sent my buddy on her way with a bushel basket of home canned foods and a pile of veggies from the garden to share with her elderly Mom and Dad. I will be headed up to her house in the VERY near future for a visit with her folks and another sewing marathon before she has to return to the classroom in August.

Life is GOOD, but our bank account is not looking so good after yesterday. We have plenty of fresh veggies in the garden and are all set on pasta, we shall survive.


  1. I am happy to know I am not the only Nut Bar on the planet by buying up Pasta or anything else in the way of canned or pkged in a big way when on sale ... I am sure my fetish is toilet paper (our downstairs shower is full of it, lol). Looks like with all that new Vanderbilt purchases there will be some amazing new creations coming out of your sewing room?

  2. Last time pasta went on sale dirt cheap here... I bought 20 bags... I'm waiting for another sale like that!! :)

  3. Pasta under the bed ... yep, now I really have heard it all!!! Fabulous! The quilting fabrics look sweet and I'll look forward to seeing the finished product xx

  4. Oh, I always buy tons of pasta when it goes on sale. We go through it so quickly too! I have a little pantry in a kitchen and some shelving (added last year) in a garage.

  5. Oh, and all this fabric is gorgeous!

  6. Love that quilt project. AND I love that you have pasta under the bed. xo Diana