Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In The Can

 I layed out each bushel of peaches to sort out the not so nice ones to use in the peach juice, then worked up the rest into canned peaches. I use American something or other peaches for canning, they are a firmer peach that are much easier to work with and won't break down in the canning process. For eating fresh peaches its cling stone or donut peaches that are soft and juicy.
 Cooking down the peaches for juice in the new super cool steam/juicer. I bought mine from Lehmans Company during their leap year sale at 28% off. Here is their site 
If you are into non electric kitchen gadgets or just like Grandma had things for around the house check them out, such neat stuff.
 First batch of juice.  This was using 14 peaches that I wouldn't have wanted to can anyway. The last 2 jars of juice has a lot of pulp in it. Not sure how we will like it with all this pulp but I will find some use for it. I am thinking peach dumplings, yummmm You make it just like regular chicken and dumplings but use peach juice or mashed peaches for the broth the, also great to make tomato dumplings a favorite of ours growing up!!
 First counter of peaches and juice. I was at it until 11:00 PM last night, UGH
 2nd counter of just peaches, ended up with 28 pints of peaches and 10 pints of juice. We still have some peaches leftover from last year so these will be going to the bottom of the canning shelves after I remove the rings and wipe them down.
Had to hit CVS this AM to pick up my meds for the month. While there I used my CVS card at the kiosk to see if I could get any good coupons. SCORE!! Got a $6.00 off coupon for sunscreen, brought the price down to $3.99, yepeee. The mesh bag only cost $.99 using a coupon the machine spit out for $4.50 off any purchase.I plan on cutting the bag up to make a storage bag for the garlic that is finally dry enough to put up. Not sure if I will be able to clean up the garlic because of the strong smell, if not I will make a sweet deal with a friend to do it for me! Nothing like whipping up some home made bread with a bag of fresh veggies to barter with. I should be able to make another bag out of the deal to use for onions that I still need to pull and dry.

The kitchen is back in working order after a LONG day of canning. I had to wash the floor 2 times this morning to get all the peach juice cleaned up. Threw a full load of laundry in from all the wash clothes, kitchen towels, canning towels, pot holder, apron and my tennis shoes from yesterday, canning is messy work!!

After hitting CVS this morning I ran over to the farmers store to pick up some green beans, corn on the cob, and potato's for supper tonight. I have a BFF coming in for some girl time today, need to get our meal going before she arrives so we can save our $$ for some fabric shopping tomorrow. Two full days of giggles and laughs and of course some yummy food.


  1. Canning sure is messy business that is for sure ! and tiring... but love looking at it when all done. Have fun with your BFF !

  2. Oh- it is a mess to make that stuff, isn't it? But soooo worth it! The floor is always the worst of it I think. Hope you have a great evening! xo Diana

  3. Busy Busy! I bet it smelled so good!!!

  4. YOuve motivated me to make blueberry pie filling this weekend........

  5. I am so jealous. I wish I knew how/had room to can.

  6. your peaches are lovely...all those cans make a happy pantry!!