Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Duty

 I started with 3 roasted chickens at $4.99 @, works out to about $17.00 total with tax.
 After de-boning we ended up with 10 meals. The dark meat I will give to a friend who loves dark meat, the rest is in the freezer. $1.07 for each meal is a good deal to me!!
 The bones and other stuff all went into a pot with some onions, carrots (our garden) and celery. I let it simmer for a few hours then strained it and put it in the refrigerator to cool down.
 Once the stock is cool you can skim off the fat super easy, then it was onto loaf pans to freeze. I put 4 cups of broth in the large pans, 2 cups of broth for the small pans. This seems to be the amount of broth I use for most recipe's.
 After the broth bricks are frozen they are vacuumed sealed, back to the freezer they go. We ended up with 3 large bricks as well as 3 small bricks. Got a lot of mileage out of the 3 roasted chickens.
 On to granola after supper.  The book I got the recipe from figured the cost at $1.10 a cup. I am sure mine comes out cheaper since I buy in bulk for most of the ingredients. The coconut and nuts I got on a super deal at the after Christmas sales.
 An hour and 20 minuets later a double batch of granola with chocolate chips.
 Four loaves of zucchini bread was added to the freezer the extra 2 loaves will be split between us and our DD's.
 Mason man is hanging out with me today so Mommy can have some pool time with the other two.
Look who's learned to crawl!! The feet of his sleeper looks dirty as all get out. I PROMISE that is not the case!!!! I have no idea why the lighting showed up this way.

I won't say today is a laid back day but at least I am not on my feet all day at the stove or oven. Ha!! I figure the majority of my time will be spent laying around on the Grands playroom floor plucking this little guy out of trouble. For a baby who just learn to crawl he is a speed demon. We figure he has to keep it in high gear to  stay out of sister Karsyns way.

Supper tonight is super simple, bow tie pasta with chicken and broccoli along with some frozen rolls. I am headed to get my pedi after that, leaving hubby and DD #2 with the dishes, go me!! I am hoping the ladies at the shop don't want to chit chat. I would love to just set back and rest my eyes for an hour or so.

My side kick has fallen asleep in his swing so it's off to a quick shower for me and maybe a few minuets in the sewing room to clean up a little. Lord What a mess


  1. Mason is such a little cutie isnt he?
    Your granola looks really good too, can you post the recipe and can you put other things in it too i.e. dried fruit and nuts?

  2. You deserve a rest after all that baking, cooking and looking after. Take care.
    Love from Mum

  3. I do love that Mason man ! watch out now with the crawling in gear. Enjoy your "me" time.

  4. You sure got a lot done on the food front! Good for you. I need to get some broth frozen again, too.

    Love how that little guy is crawling. Aren't they fun?

    Enjoy your pedi and I hope you can veg out while in the chair- xo Diana

  5. You are so inspiring! Thanks for the step by step! You really stretched those chickens! I hope you enjoyed your very well deserved pedi!!! :)

  6. you got so much done!!!!! That is awesome!

    and the little one is SO SWEET!!!

  7. LOVE how you cooked so much!

    I laughed when you said you hope the ladies don't want to talk. Our nail salon has Asian women, and they barely speak English...never a problem to stay silent! :)!

  8. I am going to make the broth bricks. Thanks for the tutorial.