Monday, July 9, 2012

Taking Stock

 First off lets do a little show and tell on the Grandmothers quilt along, is anyone else playing? If so make sure and add your link to the comments section so we can all see how you are progressing. I doesn't have to be a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt, any quilt is fine. This quilt block is complete, the missing green on the top is where the quilt blocks are joined. I did mine a little different than you might see other places. Most of the time the green border is next to the flowers, then the white, which is the path, is on the outside. I reversed that, I hate anything green next to my flowers or garden in real life, it screams weeding to me!!
 A few more flowers are done or in the works. This is time consuming tedious handwork but a nice change of pace at the end of the day.
 After shot of the kitchen pantry, I didn't think about doing before shots, trust me it wasn't pretty!
 Part of the back pantry
 More of the back pantry. I know some of you are cringing at all the jars of gravy I have stored but I have lots of recipies calling for canned gravy. Yes I know how to make real gravy and do it often, we are Southerners after all. Fry it or add a little gravy and anything is ediable!!
Home canned shelves so far.

The best layed plans sometimes get put to the side. This morning was peach canning day but when I opened the kitchen pantry this morning it became clear that first on the list for the day was to do a clean out and reorganizing of everything. Lots of sorting and condensing of partly used items and well as dehydrated food jars. The only food waste was hamburger and hot dog buns. Not bad considering what bad shape it was in before I got started. 

PS. I did find a few vanilla wafer's the little girls had squirreled away in the pantry in various places, sneaky little buggers, they went in the trash. AJ the beagle doesn't care for store bought cookies, only homemade, rotten dog she is no help at all keeping up with hidey holes the little girls have.

Might as well move to the back pantry while I was at it. We have a few holes to fill in here so I started my list of things we need to pick up. As things go on sale and hopefully with a coupon I now know what to stock up on.

Went ahead and did a quick sort on our home canned goods, looks are deceiving. While the shelves look about 1/2 full the reality is many of the cases are not full. In order for things to stack nicely many of the jars in the cases are empty.

Which moved me to the next must do before canning again, organizing empty canning jars. Once I have a full case of empty jars they are moved to the garage, however I don't really keep up with this as well as I should. I want to use small mouth jars for the peach juice I will be trying this year. I HATE small mouth jars, don't know how I ended up with so many, more than likely they were on clearance at some point. My jars are all set now for a marathon of canning. Please let things cool down as promised by the weather man.

Hells Bells why stop there. The inside refrigerator was next. I hate to admit how much food waste was in there. Condiments were the culprit, I had to throw out so many salad dressings it was embarrassing. I need to be more diligent in keeping the door of the refrigerator organized, maybe then the hubby and big kids won't open an additional bottle of something because they can't find what they want. Other than the condiments there is no food waste. I have home cooked meals to last me for the next 2 days. GO ME!! The outside refrigerator was in good shape, about the only thing we keep in it on a regular basis is hubby's beer, we never have any waste there!! HA 

The freezers got a little TLC as well. I can now see we are in need of some quick breakfast food, English muffins, sweet muffins, waffles and such. When things cool down I will  have a baking day to replenish the supply. We are totally out of pork roast, not sure how that happened, time to watch the sales!!!

Headed to Wally World in this crazy heat to find an organizational container to store the cake/cookie decorating supplies in. They have been setting in a basket for way to long waiting until I had the time to find the right thing, today is the day. I also need a new purse notebook to keep a record of my grocery stock up list in. Be still my heart, I am a sucker for cute notebooks.

I may or may not get around to working on the peaches today but for sure in the morning I will be able to get a great start now that things are in order in the kitchen.


  1. I see those things in your pantry the Grands were after a couple of months ago are still up "high". Here is to the cooling canning gods to cool things down for you. Much more comfortable temps here of late ... man oh man you were busy today, reminding me how behind I am feeling. Love the Quilt squares (rounds?) going to be so nice as usual, Debby.

  2. Goodness me Debby, it looks like you are ready to feed a small army!!Hope the canning of your peaches goes to plan.
    P.S. I am envious of your pantry, we dont have any thing like that, not enough room in our modern house!

  3. I did the same thing before I went on vacation. You know the funny thing that ran through my mind...well...what if I get in an accident or something on the road and someone has to come in and see this mess. lol

    It does feel GOOD, though, doesn't it, to have it all neat and organized? xo Diana

  4. That's looks just awesome, Debby!!! You inspire me SO much! In my eyes you are an amazing Proverbs 31 wife that I aspire to be!! :)

  5. your canning pantry is impressive....I have only canned strawberry jam thus far....