Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sew Baby Sew

 Yesterday when Kara thought I wasn't looking she climbed up on the chair to play with my sewing machine.
 Here is her reaction when I caught her. As you can see they have no fear of getting in trouble with me! Ha Maybe she will be the next generation of sewing crazy ladies gals. 

 I didn't get much done after Kara left yesterday other than cleaning up around the house and cutting out the table cloth and napkins. But this morning I was at it bright and early.
 TaDa!!! I really do like the set. Well enough I might just make one for myself. I didn't want to put any money into napkin rings in case my Niece doesn't love the set as much as me so I wrapped the napkins up with our garden twine. Rustic but cute.
 Then is was on to this project that I have been putting off way to long. Now that the garlic is good and dry I was able to clean it up on my own. Next up was to cut up the laundry bag I bought last week to make a garlic bag.
I am hanging the garlic in the kitchen pantry for now but if it gets too stinky I will have to find another solution. Not sure if its in my head that I am smelling garlic or the fact that I haven't taken a shower yet today that might be what I am smelling.

It is amazing what can be done when you have the house to yourself!! After I got my little sewing projects knocked out I hit the garden. Pulled all the yellow onions then put them out to dry in the garage where there is plenty of heat. Next up was picking the tomato's that are loving all the rain we have received this week. I am a day or two away from canning tomato's. We won't be getting all that we had last year but we should have more than enough to use until next year. I still have lots left from last years canning round so we are in great shape.

After a nice lunch of leftovers and a good LONG nap I organized a few more little projects I will work on for the rest of the day into the evening. I found a cute pattern while we were out and about this week that I am itching to try but couldn't justify any more spending on fabric. I think it will turn out pretty cute just pulling from my stash, very much on the girlie side but it will do for now. I also need to get my quilt of the month block done before the end of the month, today is a great day to work that up.

 If I have the extra time a few Christmas gifts are on my wish list. I found some cute Christmas fabric I couldn't pass up on our shopping spree. Once again I will be hitting my stash in hopes of finding something that will coordinate well with it for what I have in mind. I so want to try and wade my way through more of the stash, it is getting out of hand!!!

Time to belly up to the machine and see where it takes me.


  1. Hi Debby, I'm just catching up on my blog reading. You are never still!! Always busy! Love the pictures of the little one at your sewing machine, a seamstress in the making!

  2. Oh-It sounds like you got a lot done- I can move mountains when I am by myself! Love the picture of your little one at the sewing machine! xo Diana

  3. Yep. looks like Kara is going to take after her Nanny! What a face. Love the cloth and napkins xx

  4. These napkins are so fun!! And Kara...Like Grandma, like granddaughter, I guess :)

  5. You can tell she's a sassy one like grandma! ;) hehehe!! I ***LOVE*** the set & the twine is fabulous!! Really!!

  6. How could you not love that face!!!! She is just adorable

  7. Kara actually looks like she was happy to have been caught by Nanny, lol. The twine looks pretty good I thought. Don't overwork that sewing pedal tonight you busy woman.

  8. Hi Debby, sounds like you got lots accomplished today, how wonderful!
    Yes, you can get lots done when you are alone.

    That photo of you granddaughter at the sewing machine is too sweet.

  9. I love the tablecloth and napkins. They are just sooooo beautiful and to me they look a little bit retro. You know me, I love retro.