Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Kara

 Looking sassy in my Birthday outfit. It's Mud Pie of course, Nanny can't resist.
 Then it was on to swimming with my best buddy Karsyn.
 And playing in the water spouts
 Some yummy princess cake.
 And a new book. Can you tell I love a good book? It runs in my family!
 Oh My, a new baby doll
And fancy high heels for me and all my little girlfriends. Turning two is so much fun.

How can she be two. How can her Mommy be 29. The days go by to fast, before you know it they are all grown up and sporting a pair of high heels. Want to know what my obsession is? These little and big girls and of course the little boys as well. Days like today I wish time could stand still, that they could always be so little and sweet. 


  1. Happy Birthday! She is beautiful and so happy

  2. Happy Birthday to your cutie!

  3. Adorable and looks like a very fun party.

  4. Oh, Debby. I hear you! I wish I could make time stand still for a few moments. She is soooo soooo precious. I love her sweet little face and her expressions are priceless. Look at that cute little ruffled butt in the last photo! Darling! Happy Birthday to your sweet little one- xo Diana

  5. She is so darn cute!! Happy Birthday!!