Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kitchen Fixins

 Yesterday on my way to get my one "free" tank of gas from the dealer I stopped in the big box store to get myself a thimble. Working on the hexie quilt all weekend has shown me I do need a thimble, it was under $3.00, worked great last night as I finished up a block.
 Tonight's supper is ready to go. Leftover beef roast from awhile back, just warm and serve. LOVE my food saver!!!
 2 loves of zucchini bread is almost ready to pull out of the oven for tonight's desert and one for the freezer.
 Chicken stock headed to the freezer for another day. I did hold back some for chicken and dumplings later in the week, another quick easy meal without heating up the kitchen.
On to this sink full of dishes before I meet DD#1 to shop for Kara's 2nd birthday gift. Why, oh why do they have to grow up so fast?

I have been in high gear this morning so I can meet DD#1 to shop before the babies need to go down for their naps. After that is to meet hubby to drop off his truck to get the bed liner repaired, thankfully it's under warranty so free for me. Later this afternoon SIL#2 truck should be finished at the repair shop and will need to be paid for and picked up. All these vehicle doings is making me nuts!!!! It is also killing my wallet!

Off to wash the dishes, throw a load of wash on the line then face the morning traffic. Feeling a little like Cinderella today.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kara! And good luck on all your chores :)

  2. Yes they grow up way to fast. Happy 2nd Birthday Dear Kara ! Cinderella & Tired are my middle names, yours too? Enjoy shopping out with DD#1., Debby

  3. Aw Cinders - perhaps you will have a ball to go to! 2 already ... but what a lovely age - they grow so quick. That quilt looks amazing - how do you quilt like that? xx

  4. LOL- I am having a Cinderella kind of day, too. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  5. I have awarded you the Liebster blog award - see my blog for details xx