Sunday, July 15, 2012

Slow Sunday

 Check out the stream in my neighbors back yard. You can't tell it from the photo but this was crazy rushing water from a HUGE storm that sat over our house for hours late yesterday. we got 3 inches of rain in the first hour before it slowed down, everything is a muddy mess today. 
 Block one of the block of the month club.
 And block two.
I have been working on the free motion quilting for this Birthday table topper for most of the afternoon.

We had a really bad storm roll in yesterday afternoon that took me away from all things electric. Our power was off and on again for a few hours, I didn't get anything done on my wish list.

 This morning I jumped on the block of the month blocks then got busy working on the birthday runner/table topper. What a pain in the rump. Why does it seem patterns all want you to use a different ruler, of course it's always one I don't have. I took me hours of reworking the pattern so I could use the rulers I have on hand, grrrr. Finally have it pieced and the free motion quilting is on it's way but I am done for the night. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow evening then get the binding on. It's going to be really cute. Hard to tell from this photo but I added rhinestones to the cupcake top for a sprinkles look. 

Tomorrow is date day with Tyler, he has our date all planned out. We will be starting with the car wash, one of his very favorite hang outs since he was a little bitty fella. Then on to the "Ice Age" matinee followed up by a lunch of pizza then on to the farmer so he can pick up some food for his family (so cute). He told me he might want to hang out at the house and make cupcakes but he is not sure if he will have the time for that!! HA I ask him if he would like me to make cupcakes for him to take home, "Na, hold off on that Nanny, we will see how the day goes" This from and almost 6 year old. Kid keeps me laughing all of the time.

Off to do a little work on my Hexie quilt, I have been so slack with it this week. Just to much going on to sit and sew in the evenings


  1. OMGoodness- I wish we had just a bit of htat rain.

    I love the quilt pieces you are showing here. I hope you get it finished up and the rhinestone idea is darling. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Wow, looks like you had a crazy storm there!! We had 3 days of rain in the forecast and got barely some sprinkles over the weekend :( Our grass really needs some natural moisture :(

  3. We are all screaming for rain, soak er' up! Have fun with Tyler; my guys are arriving this Saturday...whoop whoop !