Thursday, July 19, 2012

This and That

 Finally finished the Birthday table topper. The topper measures 27x27, nice size for any table.
Added a few rhinestone's to dress it up some.

How did two days pass so fast? I have fluttered from one odd job to the other for the past two days, worked in a nap in the late afternoon and meet with more agents than I wanted to regarding long term health plans, UGH

Hubby is not on board regarding extended care health plans but I think it is something we need to add to our monthly expenses. Our long term goals for our old age is to leave this world at a break even point. Our kiddo's are all grown with good jobs, we took care of all the higher education costs so they are not strapped with 20 years of student loans, all but one has married and is settled down. We have the $$ put back for DD #2 when she is ready to walk down the isle so we really only have to worry about our own expenses from here on out. That being said we could be wiped out if one of us should need nursing care for any extended length of time leaving the one left behind dirt poor. It is so hard to know what to do, start paying the premiums now with the hope it is never needed for many years to come or save that money as we have been doing and hope for the best. lots more thinking, talking and planning to do before we jump into an additional expense that we will have for the rest of our lives.

If any of you have any experience or opinion on long term care please do share with the rest of us in the comments section. I have been asking around among friends that are in our same age group, many of whom are dealing with aging parents needing care. The overwhelming consensus so far is that it is a necessary evil expense that we all should have by our mid 50's. The cost of a plan that would cover hubby and I for 4 years of nursing care in home or at a facility will run in the $350.00 range each month. We would receive $4,500.00 each a month for 4 years in the event we need the care. Once the long term care is needed all premiums would be waved for the spouse that is left standing or if we are lucky the last one with the walker!!


  1. Hi Debby, love that table topper, you are so clever!
    I agree with you about the need to provide for care in later years, its slightly different over here in that we have the NHS but things are changing and you are now expected to contribute if you own your home and go into a nursing home.I just feel it pays to plan ahead.

  2. It is a worry as you get older how you will manage if you have to move into a home. As we still have a year or so on our mortgage we are not thinking that far ahead.

    However we all seem to be living longer so your idea may be a good one.

    Love your table topper so cute,

    Gill in Canada, I'm back blogging again

  3. Well, after seeing my Mother lose every cent she had to care (she had Alzheimers) she lived with us for several years. It was awful. At that point we decided to take out the insurance that would provide for us if we were ever in the position to need it so that we didn't burden our children.

    We got a policy that we paid off over 15 years. Right now, it will pay up to $5,500 for EACH OF US per month if we need it. It will pay for nursing home care or in-home services. We feel really good about it.

    Blessings to you and I love your birthday table topper- xo Diana

  4. Unless you can afford to pay ahead- I worry that the long term insurance can just increase in premiums. I just don't know.

  5. Should my Mother had not lived with us for 5 years, there would have been nothing left to carry her through until she went into a Nursing home, since they take it all. Even then we had to apply for a subsidy for her. I am afraid of what & who will be looking after us when that day arrives. Good planning ahead, but with a new business getting off the ground there has been no room for us to do so.

  6. What a sweet tabe topper, Debby!! Love the cupcake!! I haven't even thought of retirement yet, don't really want to go there yet! lol!

  7. That is an absolutely beautiful table topper. Long term care is scary, but you are so smart to plan ahead!

  8. Beautiful table topper!! I don't have any advice but I agree with everyone else that it's great that you are planning ahead!