Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peachy Day

 After hubby and I had  breakfast we headed down to SC for our yearly peach run. 3 bushels of peach's should do the trick. Hubby will be taking the 1/2 bushel up north to share with the fellas at the job site. Cost of a bushel of peach's is $23.00.
 The peach bread looked interesting, if it turns out to be good I will figure out a recipe for it.
 We have never tried peach cider, it was WAY to sweet for our taste other than that it's pretty good.
I had to buy this just because! How funny is that, Moonshine Jelly. I'm thinking making moonshine is not something I will be wanting to learn how to make but you never know. Ha

Hubby has this thing about only buying peaches in SC. As a crow flies the state line is maybe 30 miles from us. We have peach orchards close to home but its just one of his THINGS.  Fine by me as long as he is willing to drive his truck and use his gas. Ha  I would love to try and keep the mileage down on my car. 

We are being promised a cold front to come in next week so Monday will be peach canning day, in reality it may take more than one day. No need to can in the over 100 degree heat if I don't have to.

Supper tonight will be a farm/yard fresh deal. Stuffed peppers, all the ingredients other than rice and canned cheese came from our garden or the farmer we shop from, green beans, corn on the cob, fried squash, tomato's and bread&butter pickles, desert will be the peach bread. I was able to make up a huge batch of the stuffing for peppers yesterday in between breaking up hissy fits the girls were having. The DD's took home plenty for their meal last night.  When hubby arrived home he took one look at me then declared it was a pizza night out. HA I have enough leftovers for 3 more meals tucked in the freezer, our peppers are finally taking off so lots more stuffed peppers are in our future this summer. 

The peach cider has me wondering if I could make peach juice using my new steam/canner. Google here I come to see if it will work. I can get peaches for the same price locally but if I get the seconds they would be much cheaper, less than 1/2 price. I have been itching to give my new toy a try!! The rest of the day will be staying out of the heat, for me hexi piecing, hubby watching stupid stuff on TV


  1. Yummy peaches, ours won't be ready for weeks yet darn it. What is it with girls and hissy fits?!

  2. Oh peaches are just fab, I cant imagine how delicious they must be direct from the tree.Sounds as if you are going to be very busy Debby with all the canning!

  3. Apricot day for us :) Hubby just went to get a bushel from a local girl. Can't wait for peaches to ripen in our area!

  4. What a day you have had ! Busy as usual plus more ... my girlfriend and I made Peach Brandy one summer, which would make the hair stand up on any man's chest, lol. Thinking some was tossed? Maybe it was a good thing I had boys, not having to had dealt with hissy fits otherwise?

  5. Wow- You have been one busy, busy girl! I love fresh peaches and can't wait for them to make it to our local markets. I LOVE fresh but can't stand the canned ones- weird, huh? xo Diana

  6. Oh yummy!!! *Drool* I sooo miss fresh summer fruits... :( But I guess breathing is a plus instead. ;)

  7. Those peaches look yummy! I just spent a FORTUNE for peaches at the farmer's market, but they are yummy too!