Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prayers for the Families

 The little girls play so nicely most of the time.
 However they do have their moments when sharing is just not in the cards. Yesterday Kara was a pistol, time out was my word of the day. her word of the day was "NO".
 If you think Kara's hair looked a mess at the end of the day you should have seen mine! Ha
A garden ripened tomato seemed to sooth her soul just a bit. I think she ate her weight in tomato's in the afternoon. Karsyn however thinks a tomato is "Yuk".

I caught just a bit of the horrible news yesterday morning before the little girls arrived. It's so hard to understand what could have happened to a young man that would inflict such pain and suffering to so many. I can't imagine the horror his parents are dealing with. While the sadness of the victims, their families, and the community is such a tragedy they at least have the prayers and support of our nation. His parents on the other hand are alone in their suffering. My thoughts and prayers yesterday and today are with all of the victim's, this young mans parents as well.


  1. They are such cuties though!!

    It is terrible about that shooting. Here in Toronto it's been a bad week for shooting's. I know it's over 20 people shot and or killed.


  2. Hi Debby, they are beautiful children.
    So sad to hear about the shootings, what on earth posesses some people to do such terrible things?

  3. This is a terrible tragedy. These families are in so many prayers right now. This young man is definitely mentally sick!!

  4. You sure have your hands full! lol!

    Isn't that just horrible, Debby?! God help us, we need Him now more than ever!!