Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kitchen Organizing/Canning

 I have been gathering my cake/cookies decorating supplies for over a month in this basket until I could come up with a storage solution. These are things I don't use on a daily basis that were just taking up space that I could use for better things.
 After seeing the price for baking organizers (holy cow) I went with the cheapo containers from Wally world. They fit perfectly under the shelves in the kitchen pantry.
 This spice rack has been taking up space for way to long, I don't really use it anymore but have hung on to it thinking it could have some use someday. Lots of dust to clean up!
 I have a LOT of sprinkles!! When Tyler was little and wouldn't eat his lunch/supper and such I let him put just a few sprinkles on top of anything to make it all better. Chicken, roast beef, grill cheese you name it, at times when he wouldn't eat well (toddler age) this was my secret Nanny weapon. Now that he is older he loves to help me decorate cakes and cookies. I needed to keep sprinkles in a handy place.
 After washing all the spice jars and lids I transferred as many sprinkles as I could to the old spice rack. The rest are stored with the baking supplies.
 Turned out cute and convenient. Tyler is gonna love this!! The little girls and Mason man are not quite old enough yet, but in time these old spice jars will see lots of little sticky hands.
Peach juice is in the works today. Check out this site to see how its done. Look under videos tab, scroll down to "Grape Juice with Shannon"

I have the first batch of peach juice finished, the second batch is in the works. I did mine just a little differently than the video over at Dehydrate 2 store. I peeled the peaches before throwing them in the steamer, not sure if the orchard had used pesticides or not. I just didn't feel good about not processing the juice so I went ahead and processed the jars for 10 minutes in the water bath canner. When it comes to food we eat I would rather be safe than sorry.

I had hoped to get all of the peaches worked up today but the juice process is going much slower that I expected. Might be a very late night today :(


  1. The sprinkle jars are SOO CUTE!! I'd have went with the cheapo containers too... Especially cause they're just tucked away! :) Peach juice!! Mmmmm!!!

  2. I love the new sprinkle jars. Peach juice, my hubby & grandboys fav.

  3. Oh- You are doing a good job of organizing. Hope you got your peaches all done. xo Diana

  4. Oh, what an awesome idea for all these sprinklers!! Looks so cute too! How do you juice the peaches?

  5. I LOVE your sprinkle storage! So adorable!!!

  6. oh wow. That's a nice way of organizing a kitchen. It looks so orderly! I love the spice rack very much. :D