Thursday, July 26, 2012

These feet were made for walking

 Nice relaxing pedi after supper yesterday. 
This morning was a different story. How do you like my new $562.00 boot? My new fashion accessory is a light metallic blue, cost $39.99.

The old school thinking of use it our lose it, work through the pain doesn't apply in some cases. Feet are one example that I have learned the hard way.

I have had Planters Fasciites in my left foot for many month's, at least since last December. I have faithfully done the exercises as the Dr prescribed but things didn't seem to improve. The past few month's I have hobbled around to the point that my right foot, hips and back are beginning to protest.

By not going back to the Dr for a follow up the Fasciities  it has now turned into a heel bone spur. If you want to see a yucky photo just google it with photo's. My spur is WAY big, bad, and ugly. I have been slicing up the inside of my heel with each step I have been taking, which has lead to lots of soft tissue damage.

After 3 shots into my foot and bone this morning they wrapped my foot in some sort on stabilizer that can't be removed until Sunday, also can't get it wet. Taking a shower for the next few days should be interesting. I am to sit and do nothing other than potty runs until Sunday, no going up and down steps and such. Not good since out bedroom and full bath's are all upstairs. I have grown accustom to going up and down steps with the grands as they are learning to climb staires on all fours, coming down on your bottom or belly so I WILL be taking a shower each day!!!!

No driving for 3 weeks, looks like my gas budget will be lasting a lot longer than anticipated, that's a good thing. I did however let the new Dr know I have a special outing planned next week that I am not going to miss. After discussing the logistics I will carry on with that plan. 

May be back later tonight to post the recipe for Granola, if not for sure in the AM. Hubby will be cooking baked pork chops for dinner tonight. I feel another "he said she said" post will be coming up! Ha


  1. Oh no!!! (((Debby))) You poor thing!! :( Rest & take it easy for ONE day girl! lol!

    Looking forward to 'he said, she said" though..rotfl!!

  2. oh, bless you! I had that nasty facitis ick several years ago. thankfully mine was cured by exercises and time- and lots of naproxen to get through it.

    your were smart to get a pedicure before,

    sure don't know how you are going to manage grands and stairs though.

  3. Oh man that is nasty business woman ! Take it easy??? if I was closer I would have no problem driving you around, but I don't even have my passport to get to you What a girl has to do to get themselves a Pedi??? Be good !

  4. Oh dear Debby, you, poor thing...Get better very soon!!

  5. oh dear me, that sounds painful. Take it easy, enjoy the rest.


  6. Debby- I don't have the same thing as you but I have an inflammation in my ankle that started in November and is just now getting under control. I have been on steroids and an anti-inflammatory-I hear you-it is just so hard to not DO when you are used to doing everything for yourself and everyone else!

    NICE BOOT there- Wouldn't you rather have put that money into something else?;>) Blessings- xo Diana