Friday, July 6, 2012

The eat Continues

 DD#2 and her BF in Mexico
The first quilt square is finished, only 34 more to go

First off let me answer a few question I have gotten. The quilting shown in a photo earlier this week was free motion quilting, I am still a rookie at this but with each quilt things are looking better.

 We purchased Kara's table and chairs from "Ikea", we are lucky enough to have a store in the area but they can be purchased on line. I wanted something girlie for her but it needed to be plastic so it would hold up to lots of tea parties, coloring, and painting that will be going on for the next few years. The table and chairs are sold separately so you can get as many or as few as you want, they also had super cute stools that matched the table.

DD#2 and BF returned home last night from their fancy trip to Mexico. They were talking a mile a muinet when they stopped by the house for a bite to eat before headed home which is now 3 hours away :( Thank goodness for freezer meals and leftovers, I got a nice spread on the table in less than 15 minuites at 9:30 PM. We are really lucky the young men our girls have chosen love simple country cooking. With bellies full they headed out with the promise we will see them for Kara's Birthday party on Sunday.

It is still hot as a firecracker here with no let up until, next week. I try to do as much as I can get done in the first couple of hours in the day out in the garden. Even if I waited until later in the evening the heat or mosquito's would be too much! The rest of the day is spent working on the Grandmothers Garden quilt blocks in the nice cool house, well that and of course the housework. I think it took around 20 hours to finish the first block, this is gonna be a LONG process. Hubby can't understand with the nice sewing machines I have why in the world would I want to do this by hand. I have no idea other than I really and truly want to have at least one totally hand made quilt. 

I have the little girls today....busy, busy, beavers for sure, but oh so sweet. They have been into so much so far today I haven't been able to work on our dinner for tonight at all :( Looks like I will get to stand over the hot stove during the worst part of the day. Tonight's menu is Paula Deens stuffed red peppers  Soooo good. I use green peppers instead of red because that's what we have in the garden. The DD's will both be going home with some for their meal tonight, that is if the little girls will ever slow down!! 

Right now we are working at possible naps, but I hear lots of background voices "Nanny, up", "Nanny, ewwy", "Nanny, hold you" sure hope the chatter stops soon I could use some feet up time!!


  1. I'll bet you are busy with those kids there...busy but with joy in your heart. It is so hot here today- I am doing chicken ahead and then making up a big chicken salad- xo Diana

  2. LOL, I remember the days when I was going to change my name from being "mom", I guess it then goes to "
    Grandma". Awesome photo of your DD & BF, whoever took it for them. I am loving the Handmade quilt just by the first square. You have inspired me to take my quilt my MIL & SIL made (now both passed) to put out on the spare bed to admire. Stay cool ... I found rinsing my hair with white vinegar after washing keeps the bugs and horseflies away !

  3. Oh, I love stuffed peppers. Can I come for dinner?:) And good luck with those naps...they can be very tiresome for Nanny...Funny, my older kid used to say "hold you" or "carry you" too when he wanted me to hold him :)

  4. What a lovely photo!
    Goodness me, what a pretty piece of patchwork, good luck with the next 34 pieces!
    Sue x

  5. I love the block!!!!!! Wish I had the talent for that

  6. Soo beautiful, Debby!!! I can't imagine doing that many hexie blocks... They are a labour of love! lol! It's hot as hades here too... Scared to see my hydro bill next month... *shudder*