Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hexie Quilt Along

 It was so nice to have Tyler back in the kitchen with me yesterday!! It's been way to long.
 He is an expert batter licker.
 Still need to add the green hexies to this block.
 And finish the white and green on this one.
I did at least get a few more bags of hexies worked up so the process should go a bit faster today.

I have decided today is my all about Nanny day, I am going to sit on my rump and work on hexies. After my play date with Tyler yesterday I need some down time and a few weeks of some NO SPEND days!! Tyler was not a cheap date!!

I picked him up early for some breakfast out then on to "Babies R Us" to buy a car seat cover for my car. I don't want to install all of the car seats until I have the covers down to protect the seats, the little ones are MESSY in the car!! Tyler sucked me into buying a few toys by telling me Mason man had no toys at all. Of course he does Tyler he has lots of nice things. Nope they are all my old toys and Karsyn's toys. OK, he really should have just a little something for himself. Tyler picked out a great car that the baby crawls behind to catch. Low and behold when we gave it to Mason last night he crawled for the first time!!!! Money well spent!!!

Tyler thought we should find something educational for the little girls while we were there because they are getting to be a little wild. HA, he is right about that! We got a puzzle each for them and some building blocks, he ask for nothing, just wanted to make sure the others had a prize, so sweet! On to "Toys R Us" to make his birthday wish list, holy cow!!! As we were working on his list he kept finding things the little ones should have. I explained to him we already have things for them it's his turn to pick out a prize. After 2 hours of looking around (my poor feet) he decided on a spiderman action figure, however we needed a bad guy action figure to go along with it so they could fight. Fine by me lets just get the heck out of here.

Time to eat again, he had McDonald's, yuk I had some crackers.

 Next up was "Ice Age 3" with a giant popcorn along with apple juice from home. Before the movie started Tyler explained movie manners to me!! Seems his Papaw gets too loud at the movies so he wanted to make sure I knew the rules. Cute movie BTW

I needed to exchange sizes on some shoes I had bought for the little girls at Kholes, he then realized he too needed new shoes to start school this fall, however we would need to go to "Sketchers" to buy them. Never heard of that store, sounded expensive and it was :(  Along with the new shoes from the dreaded mall we had our pizza, double yuk

Finished off the day with a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, some for here at home, his family, and Aunt Kelli's house. Maybe we should mail some to Aunt Amber as well!! So sweet.

I returned him at 8:30 PM........When I thanked him for going on a date with me he told me that wasn't a date. What was it then I ask? Just a Nanny and me day he said. "Married ladies don't go on dates Nanny, it's not a nice thing to do, you can't have a boyfriend if your married" I do believe this little guy is going to be one heck of a good hubby some day!!!!!


  1. How absolutely adorable!!!! What a cute little boy! You're such a good nanny doing all that with him.

  2. Oh man, Debby I guess you do need a Nanny Day after that huge shopping out & about day with Tyler. He sound like my kind of man ! how sweet and considerate he is putting his siblings first. He will make a good hubby some day ...

  3. Tyler is a quite a smooth talker - maybe he will be a lawyer, politician or salesman when he grows up :)

    Grands are sweet, but they are not cheap are they?

  4. What a fun (read that tiring and expensive) day with your little guy. He is just darling. I hope you really got some down time today- xo Diana