Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Finish!

 I ask hubby if he would hang the quilt I finished yesterday on the clothes line so I could get a picture of it. This is NOT what I had in mind!!
 With a little supervision he got it right.
 I decided to stick with straight line quilting, I really liked the straight clean lines.
 The back is as cute as the front.
 Ready to be added to the stack of finished quilts. I don't trust hubby's laundry skills to do the first washing of the quilt, it will have to wait until I am back on my feet.
 Did you know that wearing a long dress while in a boot can rip the him right out of that dress?
I thought what the heck, since I am sitting working on hexies today might as well hike my dress up and do the mending.

Hubby was so sweet to help me get outside today to take pictures of the finished quilt. I know I am getting on his nerves big time!!! Once back inside I realized my dress was stuck to the Velcro on the boot causing the hem to rip. No big deal I got it fixed up in no time. 

Now to the yucky, gross, gives me creeps part. After walking to the clothesline and mending my dress it was time to ice my feet. First was to take the sensible tennis shoe and sock off, next was the boot. One Velcro strip at a time, then the braces, and finally my foot was free. What the H....... a cricket came jumping out of the boot. SCARED me to death!!! DD#2 was on the floor laughing. On my very short trip to the clothesline the stupid cricket hitched a ride, little sucker was in my boot for over and hour without me knowing it.

The family had a good laugh on me tonight at dinner. Hubby out did himself, stuffed peppers, scallop potatoes with corn on the cob fresh from the garden. DD#2 pitched in and made a cake. It still feels odd giving up my kitchen duties to the rookies however I must say we haven't gone hungry yet and just maybe they are learning their way around the kitchen!!


  1. Gorgeous!! And your family members are meanies...But I bet if something like that happened to one of them, you would have a good laugh too...wink wink :)

  2. Beautiful quilt!! It's so bright & fun! Perfect! :) I'm sorry, but that is hilarious about the cricket, although I'd have had a heart attack too! lol!

  3. Hello Debby

    Had a little bit of a chuckle there....I mean you described the cricket incident so well!!! LOL
    Now don't you feel bad about giving up your kitchen to the "rookies" Debby....cherish these moments and make the most of it! :-)

    Gorgeous permitting I wouldn't take it off the washing line I'd keep it there to show it off!!! Its worth showing off!

    Amanda :-)

  4. Love love love the quilt, but when don't I love your creations? I am sorry but I am still laughing. Nice to help the help on board.

  5. Oopsie I am tired ... Nice to have help on board, now you can chuckle at me.

  6. I think it's great that someone else is doing the cooking for you - the menu sounds delish!! But not so great about the bone spur (though the cricket story made me laugh!)

  7. No, you can't trust those hubbies to hang quilts on the line for picture taking or for washing them.
    But your hubby is doing a great job taking care things.

    The quilt is beautiful!