Saturday, August 4, 2012

Return to Mayberry

 How about a little more of Mt Airy? Here is Wally's Service Station.
 Not a great photo, the sign reads Goober Says "Hey".
 Police car tours of the town starts at Wally's station.
 Not sure how many cars are in the fleet but they were driving all over town, using the siren at times, too funny.
 The courthouse. This is not the Mt Airy courthouse just a mock up of the Mayberry courthouse.
 Andy's desk.
 And the jail.
 Maybe if we housed our prisoners now days in cells with rocking chairs they would be a little more reformed when they get out.
 Now for a little blog candy. Leave a comment of your favorite FAMILY friendly show from way back when to get your name in the hat for some free trade South African organic coffee packaged for Mayberry. North Carolina is not a coffee bean crop type of place, but we are all set if you need fresh okra!
Today's project is, some straight line quilting with free motion quilting thrown in for something different. Hope this turns out like I have pictured in my mind.

I will do a drawing Monday for the coffee giveaway, figure that should be enough time for everyone to get in on the deal that wants to.

I am grounded to sitting or laying down  for the next few days, grrrrrr Seems if you overdo it with this whole foot thing nerve problems develop. For two nights I was in such burning pain in both feet I couldn't sleep. I finally broke down and called the Dr yesterday to see what's up with that. They physical therapist forgot to mention that overdoing it and not icing the area every few hours can cause the nerves to go insane.  I have diligently been doing my exercises 5 times a day but not packing the foot in ice. The physical therapist was so sweet, she told me to slow down, "you are not training for the Olympics"  Ya, no S... Sherlock

Thankfully I had a few quilts sandwiched and baste pinned waiting in the wings for quilting so all is not lost, at least I have something productive I can do. Hubby is back in charge of the cooking and taking orders from me, poor guy. He is off on a field trip right now with his buddies at the shooting range. This seems to be
a reoccurring  outing for him after his Wife Duty is done. Chocolate is my choice after a day of Wife Duty, maybe firing a gun at the target is his way to unwind! HA


  1. It is fun to see all the Mayberry pictures. Like a peep into the past, isn't it?

    I am sorry to hear that you are down again. I know all about the burning and pain in your feet. Try some ice packs off and on for 15 mins at a time...followed up by a heating pad (believe it or not). Hope you can get some quilting done~ xo Diana

  2. Love the Mayberry tour! Is that from the Andy Griffith show or whatever? When Ron Howard was a little guy?

    I'd love the coffee!! My favourite family show "back in the day"... hmm..there "used" to be so many good ones! I'm going to go with The Cosby Show though.. we catch it on the Christian channel here weeknights and we love it... back when Family values truly mattered. *sigh*

  3. Hahahahaha! Your, "Ya - no S, Sherlock" comment is hilarious! I laughed right out loud and long - didn't realize I needed that stress reliever - thanks! And I hope you feel real better, real soon! Ugh!
    (p.s. I LOVE coffee, and free trade even better)

  4. Thanks for the continuing Mayberry Tour. Oh yes "ice" that foot, but what a pain? Chocolate versus Target Shooting ... lol.

  5. Yes Carla, Mt Airy is where Andy Griffith is from, he based the show on his home town

  6. Sorry to hear about your foot problems. It can seem like its never going to get better but it does, just slowly.
    My favorite family show was My Three Sons.

  7. What a fun place to visit! Love this older police car :)